Full text: Problems in eugenics

Month of 
birth.Norw i86( 
<D S3 ^ 
sI t £2 
*3o^ <D1 pIllegitimatebirths O?Swed 1898 
11 ’Go‘ ,3 
1-1vo 2Illegitimate 0 births N JSDenmark (3) 1896-900Amsterdam (2) 1850-904Prus 187 
<v a » 
.5 ■s ti 
’fcuo£ <u 
v-1" .......... ................... WIllegitimatebirths0 ^ 0 
>> ON 
c ^ 
S'SAustria (") 1898-900Legitimate  ^5 births ^3n 0.1750 0Illegitimate 0 5^ births M 03Budapest (2) 1882-90Kingdom1907-909taly (3 
g 0 
^ 0 X. 
■ S Os 
Ph ^Sicily1900-909Spain (3) 1878-901The whole Confederation (3) 1895-901States of Yucatan, £ Campeche, Chiapese _ and Tabasco (s) -Ji 1896-901Bengal (3) 1900-905 
January3’465 742733712-go5 '554'35-8372-92’263'145'44'82(5)4-693'9°(5)1771-89i '902-47 
February3'475-682*513'932'545-284'25'5372’82-l83'°S5'24-844-684'07I'652-032 'I I2-30 
March3‘4757i2'6l3-432-635'304 -25-63'8292-o82-974'94-664'544'231-67i'932-132'19 
April3'405 '552-583'572 455'324'°5'53-62'82 "OO3 -204 74'434-i64'301702'022‘082 '22 
May3’345 '072'4I3'582'575'373'95'43'42-82 'OI2‘925'24'364-044-641 68i-972'o62'24 
me3’244*362’473'222'425 '393'95'23'42-8i'952795'24-424'i94-6i1'731'952 '202'37 
aly3134'952-323'402-515'i7375'33'22-62'0I2'8i4*54'283'8i4'661712'00I'972-52 .ugust3-20S‘°i2-263'622-385'23375'23'2271-872764'44-143764721'752'032‘142'67 eptember2-944’282'213 '532-235'i73'54'93'°271-832’534-83 -963'674 63i-68i'992'062-65 
Ictober3-164-902*403 '352'2I5'533'85'63'32-81 '842795'i4'304’004751711-852-o82'8i 
)ecember3’305'io2-503 '332'6l5'4i4'2573'63'°2‘293'i55'85'3i(5)4'635'52(5)1 -952-o82-292-85 
(M Data worked out by Author, except for Norway, for which they are taken from Folkemaegdens des Bevaegelse 1866-1S85.—Kristiania, Aschehoug & Co., 
i8QO, Pao-e 184, and for Prussia, Saxony, Austria and Budapest, for which the data are taken from Prinzing, Handbuch der medizimsrken Statisiik. P. 57. 
The original data were taken by the Author from official statistics except those for the stillborn according to^months in Amsterdam, which were sent in MS. 
to the Author from the office of municipal statistics. (2) % of stillborn on total born alive and dead. (3) % of stillborn on those born alive. (4) Stillborn 
at termine. (B) Delay in notification of births occurring at the end of the year, referring to those born alive only has considerable influence on the % 
stillborn in December, raising the °/0 in January and lowering it in December.

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