Full text: Problems in eugenics

74Section I.D. F. Weeks. 
There were 84 matings of this type, with a total of 540 conceptions. 
One hundred and fifty-two died in infancy, with 52 unclassified. Of the 
336 others, 97 were epileptic and 17 feeble-minded; in other words, 114, 
or 35%, were nulliplex, an excess of 10% over the expected 25%. (See page 86, 
Table V ) (Figs. 15, 16, 17, 18.) 
¿3 ¿) ¿5 6 □ ® 
4 a 4 aTs. 4 4 a W8£e 
4 4- 
BrJ.ghVfi 4iQcfcB»5&oe*rtoa Q1i1b wife kdA 
6M14xooCase 2029. 
Fig. 15.—The central mating in this pedigree is of an alcoholic man 
with a migrainous woman. The man had an alcoholic father, two epileptic 
uncles, an insane aunt, while one of his uncles had an epileptic daughter. 
The woman had one aunt who had a feeble-minded son. The children 
from this mating are what would be expected, one normal, one epileptic, 
and two tainted. E, epileptic; I, insane ; F, feeble-minded; T, tubercular ; 
A, alcoholic; C, criminalistic; M, migrainous; N, normal; b, born; 
d, died. iirir-57 « 4\ a \ a\ 
IX) >0 JO 
<§)□& (5Q~ik (5So© 
£In]-h (¿) In] (£@£2>ri 
—F ,' / «.0-[—P 
Bright'sebiiablrtb aiesuce 
& &a-iBCO 
BSBlngltietwtjrcti© b-106655b * r® 
t-lGffl 4-ED fc-1898 b»l&96 
#pln*l neurotlo 
Mnlngltl® Case 2016. 
fig, 17.—The father of the principal fraternity comes from the same 
strain as the epileptic mother of the principal fraternity in Case 4369. He 
married into an alcoholic and neurotic strain. There were four children 
by this union, the first epileptic, two neurotic, and one apparently normal. 
E, epileptic; F, feeble-minded; I, insane; A, alcoholic; N, normal; 
d,’ died; b, born; inf, infancy.

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