Full text: Problems in eugenics

Section II.L. Querton. 
The control of children subject to conditions so little suited to their 
needs would appear to be an absolute necessity if we wish to ensure the 
education of the individual and at the same time to prevent the degeneration 
of the race. 
This control is already an accomplished fact for certain classes of 
children and for limited periods of their development. 
Infants, scholars, workers in certain trades may be, sometimes compul­ 
sorily, subjected to a control, but the inadequacy of the present organisation 
is evident. It is only in very exceptional cases that children are really profitting by 
this advantageous control, and the results from a eugenic point of view are 
hardly appreciable. 
We believe that to be efficient and to really favour the perfecting of the 
individual, and the amelioration of the race, the control of the development 
ought to be extended to all children and to be prolonged during the whole 
period of their development. 
Control, like education, ought to be compulsory, it should also be 
ensured by an organisation, the attendance of which should, like that of 
school, be imposed on all children whose development would not be subjected 
to a proper control in the family. 
While awaiting the intervention of the law, private enterprise should 
endeavour to obtain everywhere the establishment of an association whose 
aim should be to systematize eugenic action by ensuring to a certain degree 
the control of the development of the child. 
This association should be organized in all townships. Its action should, 
like that of the school, be limited to one selected district and set of people. 
Its direction should be undertaken by a Eugenics Committee, including 
people who, in the township or part of the township over which the influence 
of the Association is to be extended, are led by their occupation to interest 
themselves specially in children. 
The control should be relegated to medical men as the registration of 
births and deaths is relegated to them at the present time, but after the birth 
is registered, and the position of the child as regards the community 
established, the doctor should continue to exercise over the child, permanent 
control throughout the different phases of its development. 
The control should be more or less frequent according to the dangers 
which threaten the child in the environment in which he lives, and it should 
have for its aim not to assure direct education or therapeutic intervention 
but to take advantage of the educative or therapeutic intervention of the 
various institutions whose essential aim is the education of the child and the 
prevention or treatment of disease. 
The different local eugenic associations might be grouped into central 
bodies so as to permit of the co-ordination and systematization of the control. 
All these town associations should be related by means of provincial or

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