Full text: Problems in eugenics

.208Section III.M. L. March. 
.l’avenir de la race, sont sans doute colles que 1 eugeniste recommandera (i). 
•Celui-ci est en f3.ee de problèmes aussi complexes que ceux dont s occupe 
l’ingénieur ou le médecin j il doit apporter a leur examen la methode et la 
prudence dont ceux-ci s’inspirent dans 1 exercice de leurs professions. 
By M. Lucien March, 
Directeur de la Statistique Générale de la France. 
Translator’s Note.—The French word “ patron ” has been translated 
.consistently as employer, although it includes members of the learned pro­ 
fessions who are not usually classed as employers in England. The word 
employé has no English equivalent; when used in English, either in the 
French form employé or in the English form employee, it has a different 
connotation to the French, as it includes all persons who are employed 
whether workmen or others. In the French it is used in antithesis to ouvrier, 
and thus denotes only such employés who are not workmen. It might 
perhaps be rendered “ salaried employésbut in order to avoid the constant 
repetition of some such cumbrous phrase the word has simply been used as it 
stands, and is intended to have the same meaning as in French. 
The comparative study of the fertility of marriages is one of the most 
important of those comprised in the science of eugenics. It is by this study 
that a clear light may, perhaps, be thrown on the factors which determine the 
restriction of births in those cases in which it may rightly be supposed to act 
prejudicially on the qualities of the race. 
The annual birth returns, even if made separately for the different classes 
of the population, would not be able to give such satisfactory results as 
statistics of families, because in the first place it is by the observation of one 
and the same family in its different conditions, its fecundity and vitality, 
that one may hope to fathom the causes which determine this fecundity and 
vitality ; secondly, the distinction into classes, according to birth-rate, 
necessitates the comparison of two official documents, the census returns (le 
bulletin de recensement) and the birth returns (le bulletin de naissance 
(1) Dans cet order d’idées, il convient de signaler une proposition actuellement 
soumise au Parlement français par M.M. Henry Chéron et Le Cherpy. Elle a 
pour objet 1’ allocation d’une somme de 10 francs par mois, pour tout enfant de 
moins de 13 ans, né après le troisième, aux chefs de famille qui ont plus de trois 
enfants de moins de 13 ans et qui appartiennent à une société de secours mutuels 
contre la maladie.

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