Full text: Problems in eugenics

Month of 
birthIreland (2) 1891-900England and Wales (2) 1838-903Norway (2) 1896-1900Sweden (3) 1898-902Finland (3) 1878-80Denmark (3) 1895-900Holland (2) 1900-904COß ro 
S Sl 
C On 
5 ~ 
C3Western Austria (8) 1871-80Switzerland (3) 1871-90dT O 
3 On 
’So ¿¡'SLuxembourg (3) 1901-903S 0 
4»°? O N 
C !>. 
OS 00 1-1Italy (3) 1907-909w ■ On 
C 00 
‘rt (ST 
CßRoumania (2) 1880-94Bulgaria (3) 1902Servia (3) 1901Croatia and Slavonia (2) 1900-902Galicia and Bukowina (3) 1871-80Hungary (2) 1900-902Probable months of 
concep­ tion 
January[io 13102b1078977103010071043ioio(4)IO49IOII100b11071?)IO9388411941135955II7S992April 
February■ 104.81034-1045102510471044109b104510751030mo113310771223119811031199i3°51057i ¡S31094May 
March1026108010631065iob41030ios i10401107110910801072"SI10219711189iob4iobs1092June 
May■ iobi1028-10209791028IOII99010251003IOOO10021057100b959979108379810031023945980August 
July( 995959104g973950978975IOIO935922963936881107b927989924921951October 
August970974987929947IOII987994959IOOO9459469699599109731032IOIO10489421003November September1110210971023104710181023989IOIO97093498510249749571178100811149261037December October97796987797495895098497O94794695«9949611211T3J5104b10189871007J anuary 
November■ 92396588894188 s93995697698397O951102b971984945961979707902984952February 
December. 9269819569279809849459609699369<>59°5(5)960051661609795991884March 
(J) These data are the result of the investigations of the author, except as regards France, Western ^ Austria, Switzerland^ Finland, Galicia ^and Bukowina, 
where they are taken from 
they are taken from Mouvement. 
The original data were taken 
ment for statistics in those two countries. 
(2) Still-born excluded. 
(3) Still-born included. 
(4) The last figure is approximate. 
(5) The daily mean of births for Italy is lowered in December and raised in January by the delay which in many districts ensues between the actual births 
and their notification during the last days of the year (see R. benini. Le denunzie di nascite in alcuni compartimenti itahani. Proceedings of the kegia 
\ccademia dei Lincei Vol/XIX. Section 12. Rome. Press of the R. Acc. dei Lincei 1911, also for other States, F. corridore, Denunzie retardate di nascite.b a 
aaS.'3 to S* 
s § 
a- a 
^ a 
aoooa& c*> 8a* aa'sH £ 5 
§• saCo 01 »s.

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