Full text: Problems in eugenics

D. C. Gini.Sociology and Eugenics.301 
Numbers of Births according to months 
Daily mean of births in each month having made the average 
Month ofdaily mean for the whole year= 1000Month of 
birth inbirth in 
District of ColumbiaIsland of MauritiusJapan 
HemisphereWhiteColouredEuropeanIndianThe wholeIsleHemisphere 
PopulationPopulationPopulationPopulationStateof Yeso 
January ...10341020 ~\12841179July 
February...104.61260Y 997965 -i12181141August 
Marchmo1066 )1 12131171September 
April884794r i°3ilogiOctober 
May900831r 104gIIOO -865959November 
Tune1016102gI 748911December 
JulyIOOI1039( 822845January 
August ...IO 121023¡- 975101S -{ 843856February 
September10231037L 975987March 
October ...990903 'Ir 961951April 
November9831002\ 977919 -1033IOIOMay 
December9961005 J 1L 1018912June 
*Data worked out by the author from original figures of official statistics. 
in Europe. We can therefore say that the idea of a natural maximum of 
conceptions during spring, as opposed to a natural depression during other 
seasons, cannot be upheld in view of the more extensive mateiials which the 
study of statistics can give us to-day. 
7. We may say that difference of race has no decisive influence in some 
countries at any rate. The whites and blacks of the districts of Columbia; 
the descendants of the French and the Indian emigrants in the Isle of 
Mauritius; the Japanese and the inhabitants of the island of Yeso, who are 
more or less pure descendants of the primitive Ainus—none of them 
exhibit any essential difference in the monthly periodicity of births. (See 
Table IV.). The Indians of Mauritius, so far as can be judged from quarterly 
data, more especially resemble, if we consider this characteristic, the European 
descendants of the same island than the populations of their Mother Country. 
(See Table III. data for Madras, Bombay and Bengal). 
That climate should have some sort of influence seems very probable. In 
fact, in the most northern countries of Europe the maximum of births, instead 
of stopping in April or May, often goes on till June and July (Ireland, England, 
Wales, Norway and Finland) and a similar phenomenon appears in mountainous 
Switzerland (see Table II). In the hotter countries, as Madras, Bombay, 
Bengal, and in Mexico, the maximum of conceptions coincides substantially 
with the coldest season. If in the cold countries we consider the most northerly 
regions, we find sometimes, for instance in the districts of Tromsoe and

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