Full text: Problems in eugenics

Finmarken in comparison with the whole of Norway (see Table V. Col. 4-7), 
that the maxima of conceptions move towards the hottest months ; and if in 
the hot countries we consider the most southerly parts (for example the States 
of Yucatan, Canipeche, Chiapas and Tobasco in Mexico, see Table V. Col. 10-11) 
we find that the maxima move instead towards the coldest months. Other 
comparisons however give negative results. In Sweden, for instance, the 
maximum of conceptions daring the spring does not go on in summer, nor do 
we find a continuous maximum in summer in very cold Greenland (8) (see 
Table II). Northern Greenland compared with Southern Greenland, the 
Northern part of Sweden compared with the whole country, and the Faroe 
Islands compared with the whole of Denmark, shew, indeed, in the monthly 
periodicity of births notable differences, but these cannot be ascribed to the 
direct influence of climate (see Table V). 
Births according to months (1). 
Daily mean of births in each month, after making the average daily mean 
for the whole year= 1,000. 
3°2 Section III. D. C. Gini. 
Month of 
BirthWs Greei 1851 •o 
•2 “ 
JS0iSt lland 900'd 'S üj 
S'S 0 u 
w « 
ONor legit Bir 
<£} a 
u Ji 
s 1 
2 5The whole State ®Nor illegi Bii 
<3 c 
°-ï e 1 
8 1way timate rths -900 j) 0 
M « 
£ d 
HSwe ■3 0 
u0 MH* The whole State S'1898902Yucatan, Campeche,Chiapas & Tobasco1895-1900 §------------The whole g Confederation 1895-901The Faroe Islands1896-900 ÖThewhole of Denmark ^ 1895-900Probable month of 
Januaryfiço{2)noo{2)824101385510071076102b926942)iApril February12001070861104477796610291023qo89568361029 <May 
March1140104.010271026IOII9669641080899IOII(June April880103011811025IIOI10039741042943997)iJuly May...83011001318102013Ô010959*397990998°864i°i5\August Tune.~1000960121110021420110396497610151024 JSeptember 
July...............10301000114799 51026980100495911761078)\October 
August93°9001186987108693510289291021IOIO1208IOII <November 
September ...95099011221102108611181112109710351003J/December 
November ...9009506^48886478949079411031963•I02Ô947 \February 
December ...9909705799266849931049981993943\IMarch 
(!) Data collected by the author from the original official statistics, Greenland excepted, the 
data for which were taken from Sammendra.% af statist is ke oplysninger ont Groenland,—Page 12. 
(2) Last figure approximate. 
Granting that climate does have some influence, we may imagine that in 
these countries it may be counteracted or even overcome by the effect of other 
circumstances. It is probable that among populations depending upon fisheries, 
as in the Faroe Islands and Greenland, the physical labour, and the more or 
less lengthy absences of the males from their families, may have a decisive

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