Full text: Problems in eugenics

33°Section III.D. C. Gini. 
were put down to conceptions in the month y—x. For instance, the two- 
month abortions expelled in December were held to have been conceived in 
October. The yearly returns for Budapest give the still-born separately, according 
to month, without distinction of duration of gestation ; this was considered 
to have lasted nine months, which is certainly true for most cases. 
(IO)—The following are the percentages of deaths during the first month 
of life according to method of feeding in Trieste, Budapest, and Berlin 
Children whose system of feeding 
is knownTrieste 1910Budapest 1903-905Berlin 1904-905 
Partly, or entirely, otherwise72’I 27-963’4 36-633'° 6 7’o 
I lack similar data from Saxony, Denmark, and Italy; but we may 
state with certainty that the artificial feeding of children is a rare practice in 
Italy. (n)—The data in Table XVI. refer to children expiring in their first 
year; the same results could have been obtained for those expiring in their 
first month. The yearly returns for Berlin show the number of deaths 
through maladies of the digestive organs during their first year, selected ac­ 
cording to months of birth, and as to whether they died in summer or the 
other seasons. 
For the two years 1904-1905 those expiring in summer represented a 
percentage among the dead as follows :— 
Children FedDied during their 
"'ist month1 st year 
Naturally ...33037'2 
On animal milk(*) • ■52-264'5 
On substitutes (*)... •••*56-567 '3 
(*) Partly or entirely. 
As we see, mortality due to maladies of the digestive organs is highest in 
summer for children artificially fed, both in their first month and in their 
first year. It is well known, too, that affections of the digestive organs are 
one of the worst consequences of artificial feeding. 
There is no reason to think, on the other hand, that these data as well 
as those in Table XVI. should be affected by variations in the use of 
systems of feeding throughout the seasons.

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