Full text: Problems in eugenics

F. L. Hoffman. Sociology and Eugenics.337 
children was 17.9 for the native-born, against 34.2% for the foreign-born. 
The proportion of native-born mothers having eleven children and over was 
only 1.9%, against 7.0% for the foreign-born. The actual and relative 
figures are extremely suggestive, and are given in sufficient detail in the three 
tahles referred to; but the complete statistics for each year of life are given 
in Tables IV. and V., which are self-explanatory and require no discussion. 
It needs no argument to prove the practical utility of statistical inquiries 
of this kind. Vastly more important than the multitude of general social 
and economic facts are these statistics of what, for want of a better term, 
may be called human production, and which disclose what must needs be 
considered the most alarming tendency in American life. Granting that 
excessively large families are not desirable, at least from an economic point 
of view, it cannot be questioned that the diminution in the average size of 
the family, and the increase in the proportion of childless families among 
the native-born of native stock, is evidence of physical deterioration, and 
must have a lasting and injurious effect on national life and character. 
Maternity Statistics of Rhode Island, 1905* : Number and Proportion of 
Married Women without Children. 
Ages. i5-24 
2 5-34 
All ages 
All agesNative and Foreign-Born. 
Total Married. No. of Children. 
3M93 69,736 5)331 
36,776Native-born.3»78i 6,942 5.477 
16,200 2,277 
4.589 3.581 
Foreign-born.Per Cent. 
Childless. 39*5 24‘0 i7’6 23-2 
427 29‘0 229 28'4 
15-24 ... 5,505 ... 1,829 
25-34 ... 11,909 2,028 
35-45 ••• 15.546 ... 1,896 
All ages ... 32,960 ... 5,753 
* Extracted from the Twenty-first Report of the Commissioner of Industrial Statistics for the 
State of Rhode Island. Providence, 1908.Z 33‘2 i7‘o 12 "2 I7'5

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