Full text: Problems in eugenics

Magnan and 
Fillassier. Medicine and Eugenics. 
Years.Men.Women. Entries.Alcoholics.Proportion per 100.Entries.Alcoholics.Proportion per ieo. 
1867834144% 17-1474424°/ /o 
3 *22 
Starting from 
May 1st.11881-85 
1869134935426-241083575-26 1870146037725-821060646-04 
1871II2529125-88I0726l570 18721393182r3-I31083373'4i 1873155321613-901195393-26 1874136222116*221234413’32 
1875139623116-541120817’32 1876I40I31622-251145585 06 
1877146429820-351360453'3° 1878164728817-481274443'43 
1879147136825'15I2I45i4 20 
1880148724416-40II98332-74 l88l166431218-751267332'6o 
1882176129118 70I3I2342'8i 
18831867281i5'051442322'2I 1884214434916 26163054SSI 
1885I92I42722‘22I57I784-96 1886202145322-42I5609i5-83 
We may note that the number of men who enter the asylum has always 
remained in excess of that of women; the condition shown between 1801 
and 1840 does not reappear. 
If we now consider the percentage of simple alcoholics, men and women, 
in proportion to the total number of entries, we notice in these last years a 
certain decline. This, unfortunately, does not mean that alcohol makes 
less victims; in fact, the hospitals now regularly take in, more and more 
frequently, insane alcoholics, whose symptoms disappear after a few days 
rest and abstention. These patients do not often reach the asylum. This is 
so true, that the percentage of psychopaths with an alcoholic determinant, 
in whose case accidents reveal an underlying neuropathic condition, shows 
an increase during the same years. Alcoholism in females is becoming more 
frequent. With the exception of the year 1911, which only shows 7.11%, the 
percentage has varied from 1906 to 1910 between 8.41 and 10.11%, while 
between 1887 and 1890 the figures were between 3.92 and 8.27%. 
These are disastrous facts, and will often bring to bear on the children 
an hereditary alcoholic taint from both sides. 
How are these patients classified from the clinical point of view ? Taken 
up a day of two before, or sometimes on the very same day, to the Central 
Bureau, these patients come under observation in circumstances peculiarly 
favourable to clinical examination. 
Their appearance varies much. After succumbing to the drinking habit, 
at the end of a short time the man’s character changes; he becomei BB

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