Full text: Problems in eugenics

A. Bluhm.Medicine and Eugenics.379 
as a result of fresh excesses has gone up; in 1900, among 160 epileptics 
(96 male, 64 female) there are counted in this class 51 relapses (39 men, 
12 women). In 1905 the greater part of 124 relapses (74 men, 50 women) have the 
same origin. In 1911 the epileptics are not less in number than 168 (97 
men, 71 women). 
A terrible scourge as is alcoholism to the individual whom it drags to 
asylum, hospital or prison, it is also a heavy burden on society. Who can 
ever tell the enormous expense which it heaps annually on the community 
in the establishment and working of the various services; who can tell what 
capital is lost every year, by reason of stoppages, to agriculture and 
national industries; how great a part it plays in the deterioration of the 
race; the suffering which it produces, the tears which it brings? Can one 
think any longer, without terror, of the dreadful responsibility which 
drinkers take on their shoulders in face of themselves, Society, and 
Humanity ? 
It is the special merit of the Eugenics Congress that it spread such 
thoughts abroad. And does it not indicate an interesting association of 
ideas, that one of us, chief physician to the asylum of St. Anne, who pre­ 
viously in England, at the congress of Norwich in 1894, described the 
influence of alcohol on the race, should long years ago have placed in the 
same hall where he examines his patients, right in front of them and well in 
view, an admirable portrait of the great Darwin? 
Dr. Agnes Bluhm. 
Berlin - Gross Lichterfelde. 
Es ist vielleicht kein Zufall, dass der Erste Internationale Kongress für 
Eugenik in einem Lande stattfindet, in welchem das Sprichwort zu hause 
ist “ To prevent is better than to cure.” Beweist doch dieses Wort, dass 
man in England seit alten Zeiten den Wert der Prophylaxe zu würdigen 
weiss, und Heilmittel auf keinem Gebiete überschätzt. 
Trotzdem hat sich bisher auch in England, wie in allen Kulturstaaten, 
die bewahrende Wirkung der Medizin fast ausschliesslich auf die einzelnen 
Individuen der lebenden Gesellschaft erstreckt. Um das Wohl der Nach­ 
kommenschaft hat sich diese Wissenschaft bis her so gut wie garnicht 
gekümmert; sie fügt im Gegenteil, indem sie die lebende Generation auch 
in ihren körperlich und geistig schlecht veranlagten Repräsentanten schützt,

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