Full text: Problems in eugenics

F. VV. Mott.Medicine and Eugenics.417 
insanity; the circles with only a cross indicate excessive drinking. The 
two stocks show a marked difference; one side the maternal is practically 
free from any taint; almost every member of the paternal stock is unsound. 
The degeneracy commenced with a drunken woman whose sister died, 
age 53> *n Colney Hatch Asylum, where she had been 20 years; she had 
a congenital imbecile daughter in Leavesden. 
The result of mating a sound individual with a drunken woman with 
insane predisposition is shown in the members of the family born : a son 
healthy, then two sons who were insane at the ages of 36 and 27, then a 
healthy son, then another son who also was insane at 27, finally five children 
who died in early life, probably through the neglect of a drunken mother, 
indicated by small, shaded, circular figures. One member of this drunken 
and insane family married into a healthy, sound stock. Seven children 
were the fruit of this marriage; of these, two sons and a daughter were 
normal and three were insane, two of them having become insane at the age 
of 13. The clear circle with a black centre indicates bodily disease. 
I used to give this pedigee as an instance of drink causing insanity, 
but after the establishment of the card system of relatives I found the notes 
of the sister of the drunken grandmother; she was an inmate of Colney 
Hatch for 20 years. It sometimes happens that the one is taken and the 
other left, and it would have been a benefit to society if the drunken pro­ 
genitor of this degenerate stock had been taken. 
Fig. 8.—The ending of a degenerate stock is illustrated in this pedigree. 
A very distinguished man had a dissolute daughter, drunken and immoral EE

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