Full text: Problems in eugenics

the way, that whatever be the degree of restlessness or instability, we 
deprecate the use of bromides in any form, for, if they calm the patient 
at the time, they reduce the cerebral faculties for a longer period. 
How are we to explain the action of combined organotherapy ? Its 
action is purely by substitution. It may supply one force, or antagonise 
others. The disorders which we have enumerated before are functional 
anomalies of the sympathetic, that great regulator of the organism, on 
which the glands of internal secretion have a stimulative action. Similarly 
that extracts of all glands must operate through the same agency. The 
hypophysis and the suprarenal increase arterial tension, while the genital 
glands and the thyroid decrease tension, that is to say, antagonise the 
others. Besides this, these internal glands have an undeniable effect upon 
the assimilation. ? Ever on the watch, they regulate, the one (hypophysis) 
metabolism of the carbo-hydrates, and the other (thyroid) metabolism of 
nitrogenous products; others regulate the mineral salts, chlorides and 
phosphates of lime. Moreover, they must have the same effect at the 
moment of sex determination and give completeness to the characters thus 
formed. Each gland, in fact, must have its part in the dystrophies of the 
systems; and we must ask ourselves, if each of the glands, or more exactly 
each of the two parts, which constitute each gland, has not some action on 
the evolution of the primitive layers of blastroderm; and whether the 
ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm are not specially activated or at least 
influenced by one or other internal gland whose secretions appear to give it 
its vital energy. 
The result of combined organotherapy are most encouraging, and 
sometimes even have surprised our hopes, so obvious have the benefits been. 
The great factors in success are the early years of the subject, the patience 
of the doctor, and the persistence of the parent. In 150 cases, which we 
have studied, and followed, where the treatment was applied by ourselves 
or by other doctors who had asked our advice, we have never had one 
failure. There has always been improvements more or less noticeable, 
except in cases where the patients were too old (for the time being, we are 
thinking only of the mental condition, for organotherapy is capable of 
producing changes in the bodily condition even at an advanced age, after 
puberty). Twice over, Dr. Perrier has communicated our results to the 
Academy of Science (January and April, 1912). After the administration 
of combined glandular extracts, there is noticed, (1) Increase of height 
without emaciation, (2) decided increase in arterial tension, and in animal 
heat; diminution of cardiac beats, (3) rapid changes in the content of the 
urine, which shows that the subject is getting rid of his poisons, and that 
his metabolism is tending to become normal, (4) diminution and cure of the 
sympathetic or reflex anomalies, such as slight disorders, visceral ptosis and 
nocturnal incontinance, (5) physical transformation of the patient, which 
produces an effect on each separate system, and above all, on the genital 
R. Dupuy. Medicine and Eugenics. 453

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