Full text: Problems in eugenics

Wagenen.Appendix. 5. To co-operate with other institutions and with persons concerned 
with Eugenic research. 
6. To study authentic data, seeking thereby to discover the manner of 
inheritance of specific traits. 
7. To promote and to aid in the organization of new centres of Eugenic 
8. To advise concerning the Eugenic fitness of contemplated marriages. 
9. To disseminate Eugenic truths. 
The committee on sterilization and other means for eliminating defective 
strains from the human population was appointed at the annual meeting of 
the Eugenics Section of the American Breeders Association held in Palmer, 
Massachusetts, in May, 1911. Its members are: 
Bleecker Van Wagenen, Chairman, New York City. 
W. H. Carmalt, M.D., Newhaven, Conn. 
Everett Flood, M.D., Palmer, Mass. 
H. W. Mitchell, M.D., Warren, Pa. 
H. H. Laughlin, Secretary, Cold Spring Harbour, N. Y. 
This committee has organized an advisory and consulting committee as 
an adjunct consisting of the following specialists :— 
Medicine, Dr. L. F. Barker, Johns Hopkins University. 
Surgery, Dr. Alexis Carrel, Rockefeller Institute, New York City. 
Physiology, Prof. W. B. Cannon, Harvard University. 
Biology, Prof. H. J. Webber, Cornell Univerity. 
Psychology, Dr. H. H. Goddard, Vineland Training School, New 
Psychiatry, Dr. Stewart Paton, Princeton University. 
Thremmatology, Prof. Raymond Pearl, Maine Agricultural College. 
Anthropology, Prof. A. F. Chamberlain, Clark University. 
Criminology, Judge W. W. Foster, Court of General Sessions, New 
Sociology, Prof. F. H. Giddings, Columbia University. 
Political Economy, Prof. James A. Field, University of Chicago. 
Law, Hon. James M. Beck and Mr. Louis Marshall, of the New York 
Bar Association. 
History, Dr. James J. Walsh, Dean of Fordham Medical College, New 
Statistics, 0. P. Austin, Esq., Chief of the Bureau of Statistics, 
Washington, D.C. 
Public Affairs, Prof. Irving Fisher, Yale University. 
Woman’s Viewpoint, Mrs. Caroline B. Alexander, Hoboken, New 
Immigration, Prof. R. De C. Ward, Harvard University.

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