Full text: Problems in eugenics

1. iNQipjm190 7InmaTes of aJI STaTe IntTiJvTiens deemed b% 
Commistion of Three surgeons To be unmprovoble 
nienTol^ and pbysitQUjf, and unjif for procreQ- 
Tion.Option of commmion wiThm the classes 
sub/ecf.tfiy( type af opTion cf com- 
wisiiorrVureljj Fajemc 
zMSHINCTOH1909Habitual criminals and persons adjudged 
quilTj cj carnal abuse of female persons under 
10¿tears of age, or of rape.Order of ctjrT passing sentence for offencefjnjS operation for Che pro - 
i/ention of procreationPurtlj pumliv* 
,CALIFORNIA1909inmates of State Hospital* and Homes for beetle- 
Pjinded,and ^rnaLes of Stale Prisons commJTed 
for life or showmq or moral perversion or 
Twee tQPim,17ed for sexual offenses cr thvee T,mek 
for other crimesRecommendation of Superintendent or resident 
physician to a board consisting of himself and 
ihree Genera] Superintendents and Secretary 
of state Board of Health ■tfseMuafuationfar the physical, 
mental on moral 
benefit el inmate. 
4 CONNECTICUT1909Inmates of Stat* Prisons and of State Hq%* 
pitals at V[iddletQwn and WorwicbS^lecTed ttf a board of three surqeons-t the 
resident physician and fw» others appointed 
bx the Superintendent of the Institution)-far 
each institution on the basis of mental and phys­ 
ical conditions and fami^f hiitorjrl/aiectomy tr ecphorectonjy m 
a safe and humane mannerl^ainhr Fuyonic^ 
ilia theraoeutict 
¿.NEVADA1911Hab'tuoJ criminals a persons adjudged quiltx 
of carnal abuse of female persons under I (fra 
oi aqe and of rapeOrder of court postinq sentence for offencetfn* operation for the pro • 
mention of procreation except 
Castrationftirefr pumtiie 
iiom1911Intnates of public institutions for criminals, 
idioTs, feeble-minded imbeciles, drunkards, druq- 
fiends. epileptic S, syphilitics, etcannual examination managing officers of 
each institution deemed •nadmsable toallow to pro­ 
create or decided a set or moral ververt. Board 
of Parole orders heads of institutions to perform 
operationtasectoiyi or tofpinqetlOmy ■Eugenic 
rNEVJ JERSR1911Inmates of state reform Atones, charitable and 
penal 1 nit it utions Cropist and confirmed criminals) •Basie.of selechdn •Ttysical* mental conditions and heritaVt 
J»fc-ctirencss selected hr unanimous vote if Board of Examines- 
Commissioner of Charities* Corrections andx>no suraeon undent 
nttrtloaist. (tit Ittttri epfdt*M fy tht Qncr-ur fcr fyn) fjnilln chuf phf- 
kC/a/J tf tho 'intitubm. IkmU pripiildSuft rr ¡j Boards mn mi-tn Orders t<4- 
1o:t to a rtvmtn t/ anj c*ufl of latticeQnj tgpe of operation (er tho 
proven tion cf'procreation at de­ 
termined 4i Board of Examintrs.HireJx tuqeniL 
»NEW YORK191Z^mates of Sfati Hospitals for the msane, State pruo% 
reformatories awd charitable institution?and rzjiistt a*/ 
Confirmed criminals m penal institutions.Basit of selection:- Thvtical and mental conditions and in- 
font ale defettiveneu Boerd of exammirs consisting of-1 surpc^ 
mturoloiiit ando praetitionor ef medicine appointed fori 
xoars ij the Ccvsrnor. Order subject to Court reviewtfnx operation tor the pretention 
tf pfccreaticn. type determined 
bj Coord of tiammirsHrelj Euqenit 
MENTAL STHTL LAVI-------Inmates of all State and Plamcijxxl Hos­ 
pitals for the Insane■ Institution* fir the FeebJe- 
rmnded. Cpilaptic and Inebriate, Reformatories, 
charitable and penal institutions.[very inmate p/St prior to release provided it is deem 
td eu<}onical(g adi/sable by a Eugenics Board and can 
be shorn bv said Board tt tne satisfaction of a CohJof Juthci^ 
thal the candidate fir release is a person with a oerm-phsm ^ 
carrj'Pj delernnort for cub-soc'ei traits, Evqsmcs Board to con* 
sistcf fiti ptrsinivptrti rupairefrm fiObfy.pgdiiotypyrifoloy, social-workSterilization- Type determined 
¡¡j the Euqemct ¡jsird al time or 
recommendation for stenliiatim,.Purest Euftnle. 
TAL FEDERAL LAWLInmates of all federal hospitals, reformatories, 
Oind charitable and penal institution$ 
defective immigrants and immtqranCs w/fh defective 
heredityEven mmate or immiorant ¡ust prior to release pro- 
video it can be she*n to the satisfaction of the court 
of justice bx the Board of Euqemcs- representing 
expert kno*ledqe of pucmatr^, psxcholoqx^octat-uork 
and heredity- that the candidate for rtfease it a psru>n 
uith a defective qertn-pfasm.Sterihtaljlin'- ¡xpe determined 
by the LaatmcsVoard a! the time 
Sf rectnmindatian.fLr.fr Eu^smc.

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