Full text: Problems in eugenics

The foreign titles are generally given once 
under authors' names and once in body 
of index in their own language ; other 
variants in English only. 
Action, see Eugenit do. 
Age of Parents, Influence of, upon the 
Psycho-Physical Characters of the 
Children, Prof. Antonio Marro, 
English, 118; French, 100 
Alcoolisme et Dégénérescences, Statis­ 
tiques . . . des Aliénés de la 
ville de Paris et du Département 
de la Seine, Dr. M. Magnan and 
Dr. A. Fillassier, 354; English 
version, 367 
Alkohol und Eugenic, Dr. Alfred Mjôen, 
351 ; English version, 353 
American Breeders’ Association, Prelim­ 
inary Report of Eugenic Section 
of ... as to Best Practical Means 
for Cutting off Defective Germ- 
Plasm in Human Population, 460 
Appendix, 457-86B 
Backward Children, Some Remarks on, 
Dr. Raoul Dupuy (Paris), English, 
442; French, 428 
Biology and Eugenics. Section I., 138 
Bluhm, Dr. Agnes (Berlin), Rassen- 
hygiene und Aertzliche Geburt- 
shilfe, 379; English version, 387 
Catalonia, Healthy Sane Family in, show­ 
ing Longevity, Prof. I. Valentini 
y Vivo (Barcelona), 399 
Cause, La, de l’Infériorité des Caractères 
Psycho-Physiologiques des Classes 
Inférieures, Prof. Alfredo Nice- 
foro (Naples), 184; English 
version, 189 
Characters, Physical and Mental, In­ 
feriority of, in the Lower Social 
Classes, The Cause of, Prof. 
Alfredo Niceforo (Naples), Eng­ 
lish, 189; French, 184 
Children, Backward, Some Remarks on, 
Dr. Raoul Dupuy (Paris), English, 
442; French, 428 
Psycho-Physical, of Children, Influence 
on, of Age of Parents, Prof. 
Antonio Marro, English, 118; 
French, 100 
Psycho-Physical Characters of, Influence 
on, of Age of Parents, Prof. 
Antonio Marro, English, 118; 
French, 100 
Considérations Générales sur la Puéri­ 
culture avant la Procréation, Prof. 
Adolphe Pinard (Paris), 457; 
English version, 458 
Contributions, The, of Demography to 
Eugenics, Prof. Dr. Corrado Gini 
(Cagliari), English, 294; Italian, 
254C—continued. Contributi Demografici ai Problemi dell’ 
Eugenica, Prof. Dottore Corrado 
Gini (Cagliari), 254; English 
version, 294 
Customs, see Laws and Customs 
Darwin, Major Leonard, Presidential 
Address, 1 
Davenport, C. B. (U.S.A.), Marriage Laws 
and Customs, 151 
Defective Germ-Plasm, in Human Popula­ 
tion, Best Practical Means for 
Cutting off, Preliminary Report 
of Committee of Eugenics Sec­ 
tion, American Breeders’ Associa­ 
tion, 460 
Defects, Origin of, Eugenics, Selection 
and, Prof. Frédéric Houssay 
(Paris), English, 158; French, 155 
Degeneracy, Alcoholism and . . . Statis­ 
tics re Lunatics of Paris and the 
Department of the Seine, by 
MM. Magnan and A. Filas- 
sier, 354 ; English version, 367 
Demography, Contributions of, to Eu­ 
genics, Prof. Dr. Carrado Gini 
(Cagliari), English, 294; Italian, 
Contributions to, of Demography, 
Prof. Dr. Carrado Gini (Cagliari), 
English, 294; Italian, 254 
and Obstetrics, Dr. Agnes Bluhm (Ber­ 
lin), English, 387 ; German, 379 
Place of, in the Medical Curriculum, 
H. E. Jordan (U.S.A.), 396 
Déterminisme des Tares, see Eugénique 
Sélection et 
Dupuy, Dr. Raoul (Paris), Quelques Con­ 
sidérations sur les Enfants 
Arriérés, 428, English version, 
Economical Elite, the, The Psycho-Physical 
Elite and, Prof. Achille Loria 
(Turin), English, 179; Italian, 175 
Education before Procreation, Prof. 
Adolphe Pinard (Paris), English, 
458 ; French, 457 
and Eugenics, Section IIa.., 162-71, 
& see Appendix 
Practicable Eugenics in, Dr. F. C. S. 
Schiller, 162 
Elite Fisio-Psichica ed Elite Economica, 
Prof. Achille Loria (Turin), 175; 
English version, 179 
Epilepsy, The Inheritance of, David Fair­ 
child Weeks, M.D. (U.S.A.), 62 
Ethnic Psychology, and the Science of 
Eugenics, Prof. Enrico Morselli 
(Genoa), English, 60; Italian, 58 
Eugenic Action, Practical Organisation of, 
Dr. Louis Querton (Brussels), 
English, 146; French, 141 
Eugénique Sélection et Déterminisme des 
Tares, Prof. Frédéric Houssay 
(Paris), 155; English version, 158

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