Full text: Problems in eugenics

488Index to Papers. 
Eugenics : — 
and Alcohol, Dr. Alfred Mjoen, 351 ; 
English version, 353 
Biology and, Section I., 1-138 
Contributions to, of Demography, Prof. 
Dr. Corrado Gim (Cagliari), 
English 294, Italian, 254 
Education and, Section IIa., 162-71, & 
see Appendix 
Effect on, of Hereditary Syphilis, On 
the Prophylaxis of that disease 
and, H. Hallopeau, English, 347 ; 
French, 343 
and Genetics, Prof. R. C. Punnett, 137 
and Heredity, in relation to Insanity, 
Dr. W. F. Mott, 400 
and Historical Research, Some Inter­ 
relations between, F. A. Woods 
(U.S.A.), 246 
and Medicine, 343 
and Militarism, Prof. V. L. Kellogg 
(U.S.A.), 220 
and Obstetrics, Dr. Agnes Bluhm 
(Berlin), English, 387 ; German, 
and the New Social Consciousness, Prof. 
Samuel G. Smith (U.S.A.), 480 
in Party Organisation, Prof. Roberto 
Michels (Turin), 232 
Place of, in the Medical Curriculum, H. 
E. Jordan (U.S.A.), 396 
Practicable, in Education, Dr. F. C. S. 
Schiller, 162 
Practical, Section II., 141-61 
Science of, Ethnic Psychology and, 
Prof. Enrico Morselli (Genoa), 
English, 60; Italian, 58 
Selection, and the Origin of Defects, 
Prof. Frederic Houssay (Paris), 
English, 158; French, 155 
.Sociology and, Section III., 175 
European Populations, Certain, on the 
Increase in, of Stature, Soren 
Hansen, M.D. (Copenhagen), 23 
Fecundity, The Inheritance of, Dr. Ray­ 
mond Pearl (U.S.A.), 47 
Fertilité, La, des Mariages, Suivant la Pro­ 
fession, et la Situation Sociale, 
Lucien March (France), 195; 
English version, 208 
Fillassier, Dr. A., see Magnan, Dr. M., 
Genetics and Eugenics, Prof. R. C. Pun­ 
nett, 137 
Germ-Plasm, Defective, in the Human 
Race, Best Practical Means for 
Cutting off, Preliminary Report 
of Committee of Eugenics Sec­ 
tion, American Breeders’ Associa­ 
tion, 460 
Gini, Prof., Dottore Corrado (Cagliari), 
Contributi Demografici ai Problemi 
dell’Eugenica, 254; English ver­ 
sion, 294 
Giuffrida-Ruggeri, see Ruggeri, Prof. 
V. Giuffrida-H Hallopeau, H., Sur la Prophylaxie de la 
Syphilis Héréditaire et son Action 
Eugénique, 343; English ver­ 
sion, 347 
Hansen, Soren, M.D. (Copenhagen), On 
the Increase of Stature in Certain 
European Populations, 23 
Healthy Sane Family, A, showing Longe­ 
vity, in Catalonia, Prof. I. Valen- 
tini y Vivo (Barcelona), 399 
Hereditary Syphilis, Prophylaxis of, and 
its Effect on Eugenics, H. Hallo­ 
peau, English, 347; French, 343 
Heredity and Eugenics in relation to 
Insanity, Dr. F. W. Mott, 400 
Heredity, Variation and, in Man, Prof. G. 
Sergi (Rome), Italian, 9; Eng­ 
lish, 16. 
Bibliography (Italian), 15 
Historical Research, Eugenics and, Some 
Inter-relations between, F. A. 
Woods (U.S.A.), 246 
History, The Influence on, of Race, W. C. 
D. & Mrs. C. D. Whetham, 237 
Hoffman, Frederick L., Ll.D., F.S.S. 
(U.S.A.), Maternity Statistics of 
the State of Rhode Island, State 
Census of 1905, 334 
Houssay, Prof. Frédéric (Paris), Eugénique 
Sélection et Déterminisme des 
Tares, 155; English version, 158 
Human Population, Defective Germ-Plasm 
in, Best Practical Means of Cut­ 
ting off . . . Preliminary Report 
of Committee of Eugenics Section, 
American Breeders’ Association, 
Hygiene, see Race Hygiene I 
Increase of Stature in Certain European 
Populations, On the, Soren 
Hansen, M.D. (Copenhagen), 23 
Inferiority of Physical and Mental Char­ 
acters in the Lower Social Classes, 
The Cause of, Prof. Alfredo Nice- 
foro (Naples), English, 189; 
French, 184 
Influence de l’Age des Parents sur les 
Caractères Psycho-Physiques des 
Enfants, Prof. Antonio Marro, 
100 ; English version, 118 
Influence, The, of Race on History, W. C. 
D. & Mrs. C. D. Whetham, 237 
Inheritance, see also Heredity 
of Epilepsy, David Fairchild Weeks, 
M.D. (U.S.A.), 62 
of Fecundity, Dr. Raymond Pearl 
(U.S.A.), 47 
in Man, The So-called Laws of, Prof. 
V. Giuffrida-Ruggeri (Naples), 
English, 38 ; Italian, 28 
Insanity, see also Lunatics 
and Heredity, Eugenics in Relation to, 
Dr. F. W. Mott, 400 
Interrelations, Some, between Eugenics and 
Historical Research, F. A. Woods 
(U.S.A.), 246

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