Full text: Problems in eugenics

Index to Papers.489 
Jordan, H. E. (U.S.A.), The Place of 
Eugenics in the Medical Curricu­ 
lum, 396K 
Kellogg, Prof. V. L. (U.S.A.), Eugenics 
and Militarism, 220 
Laws, The So-called, of Inheritance in 
Man, Prof. V. Giuffrida-Ruggeri 
(Naples), English, 38; Italian, 28 
Leggi, Le Cosidette, dell’Ereditarietà nell’ 
Uomo, Prof. V. Giuffrida-Ruggeri, 
28 ; English version, 38 
Laws and Customs [of] Marriage, C. B. 
Davenport (U.S.A.), 151 
Longevity, Healthy Sane Family showing 
in Catalonia, Prof. I. Valentini y 
Vivo (Barcelona), 399 
Loria, Prof. Achille (Turin), Elite Fisio- 
Psichica, ed Elite Economica, 175; 
English version, 179 
Lower Social Classes, Inferiority in, of 
Physical and Mental Characters, 
The Cause of, Prof. Alfredo Nice- 
foro (Naples), English, r8g; 
French, T84 
Lunatics of Paris and Department of the 
Seine, see Alcoolisme et Dé­ 
Magnan, Dr. M., and Dr. A. Fillasser, 
Alcôôlisme et Dégénérescence, 
Statistiques . . . des Aliénés de 
la Ville de Paris, et du Départe­ 
ment de la Seine, 354 ; English 
version, 367 
Man, Inheritance in, So-called Laws 
of, Prof. V. Giuffrida-Ruggeri 
(Naples), English, 38; Italian, 28 
Variation and Heredity in, Prof. 
G. Sergi (Rome), English, 16; 
Italian, 9 
Bibliography (Italian), 15 
March, Lucien (France), La Fertilité des 
Mariages Suivant la Profession, 
et la Situation Sociale, 195 ; Eng­ 
lish version, 208 
Marriage Laws and Customs, C. B. Daven­ 
port (U.S.A.), 151 
Marriages, Fertility of, according to Pro­ 
fession and Social Position, Lucien 
March (France), English, 208; 
French, 195 
Marro, Prof. Antonio, Influence de l’Age 
des Parents sur les Caractères 
Psycho-Physiques des Enfants, 
100 ; English version, 118 
Maternity Statistics of the State of Rhode 
Island, State Census of 1905, 
Frederick Hoffman, Ll.D., F.S.S. 
(U.S.A.), 334 
Medical Curriculum, The Place in, of 
Eugenics, H. E. Jordan (U.S.A.), 
396M—continued. Medicine and Eugenics, 343 
Mental Characters, see Physical and Mental 
Michels, Prof. Roberto, Eugenics in Party 
Organisation, 232 
Militarism, Eugenics and, Prof. V. L. 
Kellogg (U.S.A.), 220 
Mjôen, Dr. Alfred, Alkohol und Eugenic, 
351 ; English version, 353 
Morselli, Prof. Enrico (Genoa), La Psico­ 
logía Etnica e la Scienza Eugen- 
istica, 58; English version, 60 
Mott, Dr. F. W., F.R.S., Heredity and 
Eugenics in relation to Insanity, 400 
New Social Consciousness, the, Eugenics 
and, Prof. Samuel G. Smith, 
U.S.A., 480 
Niceforo, Prof. Alfredo (Naples), La 
Cause de l’Infériorité des Carac­ 
tères Psycho-Physiologiques des 
Classes Inférieures, 184; English 
version, 189O 
Obstetrics, Eugenics and, Dr. Agnes 
Bluhm (Berlin), English, 387 ; 
German, 379 
Organisation, see Party, and Practical, do. 
Origin of Defects, Eugenics, Selection 
and, Prof. Frédéric Houssay 
(Paris), English, 158; French, 155 
Parents, Age of, Influence of, upon the 
Psycho-Physical Characters of the 
Children, Prof. Antonio Marro, 
English, 118; French, 100 
Paris, and Department of the Seine, Luna­ 
tics of, see Alcoolisme et Dégénéres­ 
Party Organisation, Eugenics in, Prof. 
Roberto Michels (Turin), 232 
Pearl, Dr. Raymond (U.S.A.), The Inheri­ 
tance of Fecundity, 47 
Physical and Mental Characters, In­ 
feriority of, in the Lower Social 
Classes, The Cause of, Prof. 
Alfredo Niceforo (Naples), Eng­ 
lish, 189; French, 184 
Pinard, Prof. Adolphe (Paris), La Puéricul­ 
ture avant la Procréation [Résumé), 
457 ; English version, 458 
Place, The, of Eugenics in the Medical 
Curriculum, H. E. Jordan 
(U.S.A.), 396 
Population(s), see European, & Human 
Position, see Lower Classes, & Social 
Practicable Eugenics in Education, Dr. 
F. C. S. Schiller, 162 
Practical Eugenics, Section II., 141-6T 
Organization of Eugenic Action, Dr. 
Louis Querton (Brussels), English, 
146; French, 141 
President, see Darwin, Major Leonard KK

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