Full text: Problems in eugenics

490Index to Papers. 
Presidential Address, Major Leonard 
Darwin, i 
Procreation, Education before, Prof. Adolphe 
Pinard (Paris), English 458; French, 457 
Profession and Social Position, Fertility 
of Marriages according to, Lucien 
March (France), English, 208; 
French, 195 
Prophylaxie de la Syphilis Héréditaire, et 
son Action Eugénique, Sur la, 
H. Hallopeau, 343 ; English ver­ 
sion, 347 
Psicologica Etnica e la Scienza Eugenistica, 
Prof. Enrico Morselli (Genoa), 
58 ; English version, 60 
Psychology, Ethnie, and the Science of 
Eugenics, Prof. Enrico Morselli 
(Genoa), 60; Italian, 58 
Psycho-Physical Characters of Children, 
Influence on, of Age of Parents, 
Prof. Antonio Marro, English, 
118; French, 100 
Elite, The, and the Economical Elite, 
Prof. Achille Loria (Turin), 
English, 179; Italian, 175 
Puériculture, La, avant la Procréation, 
P!r-of., Adolphe Pinard (Paris) 
{Résumé), 457; English ver­ 
sion, 458 
Punnett, Prof. R. C., Genetics and 
Eugenics, 137 
Quelques Considérations sur les Enfants 
Arriérés, Dr. Raoul Dupuy (Paris), 
428 ; English version, 442 
Querton, Dr. Louis (Brussels), Rapport 
sur l’Organisation Pratique de 
l’Action Eugénique, 141 ; English 
version, 146R 
Race, The Influence of, on History, 
W. C. D. & Mrs. Whetham, 237 
Rapport sur l’Organisation Pratique de 
l’Action Eugénique, Dr. Louis 
Querton (Brussels), 141 ; English 
version, 146 
Rassenhygiene and Aertzliche Geburt­ 
shilfe, Dr. Agnes Bluhm (Ber­ 
lin), 379 ; English version, 387 
Research, see Historical do. 
Rhode Island, State of, Maternity Statis­ 
tics of, State Census of 1905, 
Frederick Hoffman, LI.D., F.S.S. 
(U.S.A.), 334 
Ruggeri, Prof. V. Guiffrida- (Naples), Le 
Cosidette Leggi dell’Ereditarietâ 
nelPUomo, 28; English version, 38 
Sane, Healthy Family, A, showing Longe­ 
vity in Catalonia, Prof. I. Valen- 
tini y Vivo, 399 
Schiller, Dr. F. C. S., Practicable 
Eugenics in Education, 162S—continued Section I., Biology and Eugenics, 1-138 
Section II., Practical Eugenics, 141-61 
Section IIa.a Education and Eugenics, 
Section III., Sociology and Eugenics, 175 
Section IV., Medicine and Eugenics, 343 
Selection, see Eugénique do. 
Eugenics, and the Origin of Defects, 
Prof. Frédéric Houssay (Paris), 
English, 158; French, 155 
Sergi, Prof. G. (Rome), Variazione 
Eredità nell’Uomo, 9; Biblio­ 
graphy, 15 ; English version, 16 
Smith, Prof. Samuel G. (U.S.A.)„ 
Eugenics and the New Social 
Consciousness, 480 
Social Classes, see Lower do. 
Consciousness, the New, Eugenics and, 
Prof. Samuel G. Smith (U.S.A.), 
Position and Profession, Fertility of 
Marriages according to, Lucien 
March (France), English, 208; 
French, 195 
Sociology and Eugenics, Section III., 175 
Some Interrelations between Eugenics and 
Historical Research, F. A. Woods 
(U.S.A.), 246 
Remarks on Backward Children, Dr. 
Raoul Dupuy (Paris), English 442 ; 
French 428 
Stature, Increase of, in Certain European 
Populations, On the, Soren 
Hansen, M.D. (Copenhagen), 23 
Syphilis, Hereditary, On the Prophylaxis 
of, and its Effect on Eugenics, 
H. Hallopeau, English, 347; 
French, 343 
Tares, see Defects 
Valentini y Vivo, Prof. I. (Barcelona), 
A Healthy Sane Family showing 
Longevity in, 399 
Variation and Heredity in Man, Prof. G. 
Sergi (Rome), 9, Bibliography, 
15 ; English version, 16 
Wagenen, Bleecker Van, Preliminary 
Report to First International 
Eugenics Congress, of the Com­ 
mittee of the Eugenics Section, 
American Breeders’ Association to 
Study and Report as to the Best 
Practical Means for Cutting Off 
the Defective Germ-Plasm in the 
Human Population, 460 
Weeks, David Fairchild, M.D. (U.S.A.), 
The Inheritance of Epilepsy, 62 
Whetham, W. C. D. & Mrs. C. D. Whet­ 
ham, The Influence of Race on 
History, 237 
Woods, F. A. (U.S.A.), Some Inter-rela­ 
tions between Eugenics and 
i i JSducati, T0  ^« V tis etee e 
Science of Eugenics, see undey Eugenic:Historical Research, 246 
( LIBRARY O >i«r-

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