Full text: Problems in eugenics

E. Morselli.Biology and Eugenics.9 
3. Either of these factors when present alone, whether in homozygous or 
heterozygous form, causes about the same degree of low fecundity to be 
manifested. 4. One of these factors, namely La, is sex-limited or sex-correlated in 
its inheritance, in such way that in gametogenesis any gamete which bears 
the female sex-determinant F does not bear L2. 
5. There is a definite and clear-cut segregation of high fecundity from 
low fecundity, in the manner set forth above. 
From the standpoint of eugenics it is pointed out that these results 
furnish a new conception of the mode of inheritance of fecundity, and may 
be helpful in suggesting a method of attacking the same problem for man. 
By Prof. Enrico Morselli, 
Director of the Clinic for Mental and Nervous Diseases, Genoa University. 
All natural varieties or races of mankind differ, not only by their 
physical, but also by their mental, characters. There exists, therefore, 
an “Ethnic Psychology ” which, along with “ Ethnic Somatology,” 
constitutes the complete Science of Anthropology or the Natural History of 
Man. This must describe and classify races and populations under a 
double aspect—physical and psychical. 
The psychical characters of races are in part original, and in part 
acquired through adaptation. These persist in a race as long as such 
mesological adaptation lasts; they vary with modifications of the conditions 
of life, including social activities and inter-racial relations. 
In mixed unions, amongst different races, there are always some which 
are more vigorous, biologically and mentally, more fully developed, which 
impress their characters upon their descendants. For the vitality and 
well-being of mixed or metamorphic populations a certain amount of 
difference amongst the parent races is necessary, but too great a difference 
is injurious to the offspring. 
The offspring of mixed unions present in their psychology a 
mixture, again a combination or fusion of the mental characters of the 
parent races : sometimes certain psychical characters of a race become the 
dominant characters. 
All ethnic groupings have their destiny marked out by the grade attained 
in the human psycho-physical hierarchy. Nevertheless, it is necessary that 
each race or nation, when it knows its contribution to the development of 
c 2

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