Full text: Problems in eugenics

Practical Eugenics.17 
Section II. 
Practical Eugenics. 
By Adolphe Pinard, 
Professor at the Faculty; Member of the Academy of Medicine of 
Sir Francis Galton has entitled Eugenics the new science having for its 
object the study of the causes subject to social control which can improve or 
impair the racial qualities of future generations, whether physical or mental. 
Eugenics, thus defined, is nothing else but “ Education before Pro­ 
creation,” which has been studied in France for a number of years, and 
which constitutes the first part of child-culture, “ a science having for its 
object the search for information relative to the reproduction, preservation, 
and improvement of the human species ”(*). 
The Congress ought then to have for its object to work for the investiga­ 
tion of the conditions necessary to secure a favourable procreation. Now, 
it appears that the word “ Eugenics,” from the etymological point of view, 
does not characterise either explicitly or sufficiently the proposed object, 
while the word “ Eugennique,” of yerjTjouo, at once recalls to the 
mind the idea of a favourable procreation(2). 
It is part of the duty of our first principal sitting to lay down a rule 
upon this point. 
Certainly, biological, sociological, and historical researches, laws and 
social customs regarded in their relations with the science of Eugenics, 
are necessary and will undoubtedly result in extremely interesting data, but 
from now it is above all things urgent to establish and proclaim eugenic 
principles. Researches relating to physiological heredity and pathological heredity 
ought to be pursued without interruption, but it is necessary to make known 
(1) v. De la Puériculture in Revue Scientifique, 1897. 
(2) Besides, the word “Eugenics” recalls in France a chemical term; eugenic- acid.

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