Full text: Problems in eugenics

38Section IV.Magnan and 
the family and the race. State and country authorities will, with State- 
controlled classes, more easily see justice done on all sides. This last 
advantage will, naturally, only avail in those lands where the permission 
to sell alcoholic liquors is vested in the local authorities. The progressive 
class system will also give the State, the municipalities, and also private 
labour organisations an opportunity to support those restaurants and inns 
which supply nothing but pure and harmless liquors, and consumption will 
undergo a slow and gradual change to the lightest drinks. 
At the present time the lightest kinds of beer are too heavily taxed in 
comparison with the heaviest kinds, and the latter in turn are too heavily 
taxed in comparison with brandy. From the point of view of race-hygiene, 
the fight must be directed especially against the fourth and most dangerous 
class, namely, all kinds of brandy (prohibition or Ivan Bratt’s system), 
as well as against the mixed wines, which are so often adulterated and 
Statistics from the Central Bureau for the Management of the Insane of 
Paris and the Department of the Seine from 1867 to 1912. 
By M. Magnan, 
Chief Physician to the Central Bureau, Member of the Academy of 
And Dr. Fillassier. 
From 1869 to 1912 the number of sick persons received at the Central 
Bureau of the St. Anne Asylum has gone on steadily increasing : occasionally 
signs of a falling off are noticed, quickly compensated by the number of 
entries for the following years. 
Among these patients a great number are driven to the asylum by the 
abuse of alcoholic drinks. Some of these are simple alcoholics, i.e., those who 
owe their insanity entirely to excessive drinking; the others make up the 
numerous group of degenerates, who are for the most part descendants of 
alcoholics, and on whom fall all the forms of physical, intellectual, and 
moral degradation. 
For these last, alcohol has been but the touch of the trigger which has 
put in action their disposition towards insanity; the attack of mania, when 
past, leaves revealed psychic troubles, which, but for the turning of the 
balance by alcohol, would have remained in the latent condition, but which, 
once developed, remain often for a much longer time; so we see the increase

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