Full text: Problems in eugenics

Ability, Administrative, Pedigree shewing 
Descent of, I. i 
Inheritance of, as exemplified in the 
Darwin, Galton, and Wedgwood 
families, O. 5 
Abnormal Germ Production, see under 
Germ Production 
Abnormalities observed in Drunkard’s 
Children, C. 92 
Abortions and Premature Births in various 
Callings, C. 101 
Administrative Ability, Pedigree shewing 
Descent of, I. 1 
Age-intervals, separating various Genera­ 
tions of Mannheim families, C. 39 
Age of Parents 
Conjointly with Numerical position in 
Family, in relation to Infantile 
Mortality, C. 51 
at Death, and Marital gross and net 
Fertility, C. 7 
and Mortality of Children up to 5 
years, C. 9-10 
and Mortality of Children up to 20 
years, C. 7-8 
Ph.D., Chart shewing Inherit­ 
ance of Physical and Mental 
Qualities and Defects, and of 
Literary Ability, from a Poly­ 
gamous Family in Utah, N. 1 
Alcohol and Degeneration, C. 91-3 
Effect of, on Human Offspring, C. 96 
Experiments with, on Animals, in Small 
Quantities, C. 95 
Frequency and Intensity of harmful Influ­ 
ences through, relative, Urban 
and Rural, C. 88 
Injury from, to Reproductive func­ 
tions, C. 89-90 
Alcoholic, Epileptic, Sexually-immoral Man, 
and Neurotic and Sexually-im­ 
moral Woman, Offspring of, D. 9 
Intoxication, Acute, effect of on Origin 
of Feeble-mindedness, C. 97 
Man, and Feeble-minded Woman, Off­ 
spring of, D. 10 
and Migrainous Woman, Offspring of, 
D. 13 
Alcoholism, Paternal, effect of, on Suck- 
ling-capacitv of Daughters, C. 93 
Inter-connection with, of Tuberculosis, 
Nervous Diseases, and Psychoses 
of Offspring, C. ga 
A!vies obstetricans, see Midwife Toad 
“All London,” Booth’s Classification of, 
Comparison of, with the Normal 
Classes, O. 3A—continued. AMERICAN BREEDERS’ ASSOCIA­ 
Charts re Defectives, Classifica­ 
tion and Statistics of, P. 
Ancestors, Theoretical Number of, C. 115 
Ancestral Loss, Phenomenon of, C. 96 
Animals, Experiments on, with Small 
quantities of Alcohol, C. 95 
Arab v. Spaniard, Segregation Inheritance 
of Eye-colour, K. 4 
Archduchess Maria... of Tuscany, Pedigree 
of, C. 1 r2 
Association of Characters in Heredity in 
Sweet Peas, M. 6 & 7 [a & b) 
Atrophy, Progressive Muscular, C. 13 
Australia, Birth and Death Rates in, H. 25 
Bavaria, Breast-feeding in relation to Infant 
Mortality in, C. 60, 70 
“Belvidere,” Pedigree of, C. no 
Berlin, Birth and Death Rate for, H. 28 
Fertility in, decrease in, circ. 1869-1910, 
C. 126-129 
Birth-curve, general, and that for Feeble­ 
minded Children compared, C. 97 
Birth-frequency in relation to Habit of 
Breast-feeding, C. 72, 73 
Birth-interval, in relation to 
Breast-feeding, length of, C. 63 
Average length of, C. 63, 64 
Health of Offspring, C. 58 
Infantile Mortality, C. 57, 58 
Vitality of Child, with and without, 
Breast-feeding, C. 65 
Birthplace, Locality and Size of, in relation 
to Military Fitness, Germany, 
C. 26-30 
Birth-rate, in relation to 
Breast-feeding, duration of, C. 72, 73 
Wealth, C. 118-122 
Rising, Countries with, H. 21-4 
Stationary, Countries with, H. 17-20 
Birth and Death Rate 
in Australia, H. 25 
in Berlin, H. 28 
in Europe and Western Europe, Ii. 30-1 
in France, H. 7 
in the Netherlands, H. 10 
of Toronto, City of, H. 27 
of United Kingdom, and of German 
Empire, H. 5, 6 
of Various Countries, relation between, 
H. i-3I

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