Full text: Problems in eugenics

11Index to Exhibits. 
Birth and Death Rates 
and Infant Mortality, relation between, 
II i-3i 
for New Zealand, H. 26 
in Protestant Countries, H. 11-13 
Birth-rates, and corrected Death-rates, re­ 
lation between, H, 2 
Births per Couple essential to prevent 
Decay of Nations, C. 123 et 
Premature in Various Callings, C. 101 
Restriction of, C. 125-128 
Blindness, see Colour-blindness and Night- 
Blood-relationship of Parents and Health 
of Offspring, C. 108 
Intensification of Characters in, 
C. 106-7 
Blue Andalusian Fowls, Mendelian Inheri­ 
tance in 
Gametic Purity in Illustration of Theory 
of, 0.i(/) 
Without Dominance, 0.i(i?) 
Booth, C., Classification by, of “All Lon­ 
don,” Comparison of, with the 
Normal Classes, O. 3 
Breast-feeding, in relation to 
Birth-intervals, Length of, and average 
Length of, C. 63, 64 
Cancer, C. 71 
Infant Mortality 
Birth-Interval and, C. 59-62 
Female Labour and, C. 99 
Capacity for, of Daughters as affected by 
Paternal Alcoholism, C. 93 
as Evidence of Hereditary Constitution 
in relation to Infant Mortality, 
C. 79-82 
and Number of Children, C. 61 
Duration of, in relation to 
Average number of Carious Teeth, 
C. 74. 75 
Birth rate, C. 72, 73 
Frequency of Rachitic disturbances of 
development, C. 78 
Infant Mortality, C. 74 
in Conjunction with Numerical Posi­ 
tion, C. 60 
Physical development, C. 76 
School Reports, average, C. 77 
Habit of, in relation to Birth-frequency, 
C. 72, 73 
as running in Families, and Infant 
Mortality, C. 62 
Canada, see Toronto 
Cancer, Breast-feeding in relation to, C. 71 
Cataract, Hereditary, L. 4 
Charts Explaining Method of Collecting 
and Recording Data, D. 15 [a & b) 
Childbirth, increasing Frequency of Surgi­ 
cal Operations in connection 
with, Racial significance of, 
C. 48 (1-6)C—continued. Childless and Fertile Couples, Physical 
Condition of, contrasted, C. 45 
Children, see also Infant Mortality, Num­ 
bers, Numerical Position, &c. 
of Drunkards, Abnormalities observed 
in, C. 92 
Health of, in connection with Blood- 
relationship of Parents, C. 108 
Mortality of, 
Death-age of Parents in relation to, 
up to 5 years, C. 9, 10 
up to 20 years, C, 7, 8 
illegitimate, C. 104, 105 
Number of children in relation to, C. 
Number of, Average in each Generation, 
Mannheim, C. 38 
in Paris, in relation to Wealth, C. 119 
Cleopatra, Pedigree of, showing Inbreed­ 
ing, C. 114 
Colour-Blindness, Congenital, Pedigree with 
unusual features, L. 1 
Colour-Changes in Skin of Fire-Salamander, 
according to placing on Yellow 
or Black Earth, C. 1, 2 
Colours, Recombination of in Poultry, 
Mendelian experiments shew- 
ing, M. 3 
Comparison of Mr. Booth’s Classification 
of “All London,” with the 
Normal Classes, O. 3 
Conceptions and Conception Losses, 
Numbers of, and Explana­ 
tions, C. 52 (1-4) 
Congenital Colour-Blindness, Pedigree with 
unusual features, L. 1 
Hereditary Nystagmus, L. 3 (a & b) 
Constitution, see Hereditary do. 
Consumption in three Generations, Male 
Infant Mortality, E. 5 (c) 
Copenhagen, Fertility of Marriages, Occu­ 
pation, and Wealth for, C. 122 
Countries with 
Rising Birth-rate, H. 21-4 
Stationary Birth-rate, II. 17-20 
Country, versus Town Fertility, in Prussia, 
C. 126, 128 
Cross-Fertilization in Maize, C. in 
Crossing of Races 
Fertility and Health in relation to, C. 117 
Inbreeding and, C. 106, 107 
Darwin, Charles, 
Home of, Down House 
Study-rooms of, at Down 
Etching of Large, by Haig, B. 7 
Photograph of Small, in which 
“The Origin of Species” was 
written, B. 6 
Watercolour Drawing of, by A. 
Goodwin, B. 8 
Letters of (Two) on “Worms and their 
Habits,” B. 9 
Portraits of 
Engraving by Flameng aftei Collior 
B. 4

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