Full text: Problems in eugenics

Index to Exhibits.m. 
Darwin, Charles, 
Portraits of 
Painting, by W. W. Ouless, B. i 
Photograph, by Maull and Poly­ 
blank, B. 3 
on his Horse, Tommy, B. 5 
Darwin, Dr. Erasmus, and his son, 
Erasmus, Portraits of (Silhou­ 
ette), A. 2 
Darwin, Mrs., Portrait of (Silhouette), A. 3 
B. 1 to 9 
Darwin, Galton, and Wedgwood Families, 
Inheritance of Ability as exem­ 
plified by, O. 5 
Daughters, Suckling Capacity of, as affected 
by Paternal Alcoholism, C. 93 
Death-rates, see also Birth-, and Death-rates 
of Married and Divorced Persons, and 
of Widow's, compared, C. 102 
Deaths, in relation to Conception losses, 
C. 52> 53 
Defect, Transmission of, Pauperism due 
to, E. 1-6 (d) 
Defective and Pauper families, Tendency to 
Intermarriage between, E. 2 
Defectives Classification of, Charts of, P. 1 
Statistics of Charts, P. 
Degeneration, Alcohol and, C. 91-3 
Delirium tremens, Epilepsy, and General 
Paralysis, Frequency of, in Prus­ 
sian Lunatic Asylums, C. 38 
Denmark, Fertility in, in relation to W’ealth, 
C. 121, 122 
Number of Children in, in Families of 
Different Classes, 1901, C. 121 
Descent, see also Heredity, Inheritance, and 
of Qualities in a Population (after 
Galton), O. 4 
Standard Scheme of (after Galton), O. 2 
Development as affected by Duration of 
Breast-feeding, C. 74-8 
Diseases, Variation of, England and 
Wales, H. 9 
Down House, Home of Charles Darwin 
Study-rooms in 
Large, Etched by Haig, B. 7 
Small, Photograph of, B. 6 
Water-colour of, by A. Goodwin, B. 8 
Drunkard’s Children, Abnormalities ob­ 
served in, C. 92 
DRYSDALE, C. V., H. 1-30 
Dutch conditions as to Fertility in relation 
to Marriage, Wealth and Occupa­ 
tion, C. 122 
Dying-out of Higher grades of Society, C. 34 
Large Scale of, C. 36 
Quick process of, Catastrophic change? 
inaugurating, C. 38-43E Earth, Colour of, as affecting Skin-colour 
in Fire Salamander, C. 1-2 
England and Wales 
Birth- and Death-rate and Infantile Mor­ 
tality for, H. 9 
Fertility of Married Women in, H. 9 
Illegitimacy in, H. 9 
English v. Gipsy, Inheritance of Racial form 
of Nose, K. 1 
Engraving by Leopold Flameng of Col­ 
lier’s Portrait of C. Darwin, B. 4 
Environment, Colour changes in Skin due 
to, C. 1-2 
Epilepsy, Frequency of, in Prussian Lunatic 
Asylums, C. 88 
Epileptic, Alcoholic, Sexually-immoral Man 
and Sexually-immoral Woman, 
Offspring of, D. 9 
and Feeble-minded Parents, Offspring of, 
£>. 2> 4, 7 <a & 
Man and Choreic Woman, Offspring 
of, D. 11 
of Low Grade, condition of Relatives 
of, D. 13 
and Normal Woman, Offspring of, D. 12 
Parents, Offspring of, D. 1 
Unmarried Mother, Offspring of, D. 6 
Epileptics, Village for, of New Jersey State, 
at Skilhnan, D. 1-15 
Etching by Axel Haig of Darwin’s large 
Study at Down, B. 7 
European States, Decrease of Fertility in 
some, C. 129 
European v. American Red Indian, Inheri­ 
tance of Racial form of Nose, 
IC. 2 (a & b) 
Segregation Inheritance of Eye-colour, 
K. 3 
Eye_, Lens of, Reconstruction of, out of 
Iris, C. 49 
of Vertebrate, Development of, C. 49 
Eye-colour in Mankind, Mendelian descent 
of, Pedigree shewing, I. 3 
Racial Segregation of, K. 3-5 
Eye-disease, Destructive, and Mental Defect 
in same Stock, E. 1 
Eye-sight, Defects of, L. 1-4 
Families brought back to the Land, North 
Germany, C. 23-5 
Frequency of Tuberculosis in, C. 15 
Faulty position of Child at Birth, in relation 
to Stillbirth, C. 48 (5 & 6) 
Feeble-minded s Children, Birth-curve of, compared with 
general Birth-curve, C. 97 
Parents, Offspring of, D. 8 
Mated with Epileptic, Offspring of, 
D- 2. 4, 5. 7 (a & b) 
Woman, anl^ Alcoholic Man, Offspring; 
of, D. 10 
Feeble-mindedness, Incest, and Offspring, 
D- 3 
Origin of, Acute Intoxication in relation 
to, C. 97

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