Full text: Problems in eugenics

IV.Index to Exhibits. 
Female Labour and Infant Mortality, 
C. 99-101 
as affecting Reproduction, C. 99, 100 
Fertile and Childless Couples, Physical 
Condition of, contrasted, C. 45 
Fertility, Age of Parents at Death in relation 
to, C. 7 
and Health in relation to Crossing of J 
Races, C. it7 
in relation to High Mental Endowment 
in France, C. 124 
in Holland, C. 123 
Legitimate, in Berlin, Decrease of : Two- 
children System, C. 127-9 
of Marriages, Occupation, and Wealth 
for Copenhagen, and Dutch Con­ 
ditions, C. 122 
of Married Women, England and Wales, 
H. 9 
Want of, in French and German towns, 
C. 125-9 
and Wealth, C. 118 
in Denmark, C. 121, 122 
in Munich, C. 120 
Field-workers in America, Charts collected 
by, P. 
Fire Salamander, Colour-changes in Skin j 
of, wThen placed on Yellow or on 
Black Earth, C. 1-2 
First-born see also Numeral position 
alleged Inferiority in, C. 64. 
and Later-Born, Infantile Mortality 
among, C. 56 
Myopia in high degree and frequency 
of, C. 54 
Fitness for Military Service in relation to 
Birth-place, locality and size of, 
and to Parental occupation, 
C. 26-30 
Foetus, effect on, of Lead poisoning, C. 98 
France, Birth- and Death-rates for, since 
1781., H. 8 
Departments of, Fertility in relation to 
Wealth in, C. ir8 
Fertility in, in relation to High Mental 
Endowment, C. 124 
Total Population and Birth- and Death- 
rates for, Variation in, H. 7 
Towns of, Want of Fertility in, C. T25 
Galton, Darwin, and Wedgwood Families, 
Inheritance of Ability as exempli­ 
fied by, O. 5 
Galton, Samuel Tertius, his son Erasmus, 
and three daughters, Portraits of 
(Silhouette), A. 4 
Galton, Sir Francis, Portrait of, by Charles 
Furze, A. 1 
Gametic Purity in Mendelian Heredity, 
Theory of 
Illustrations of in 
Blue Andalusian Fowls, O. 1 (/) 
Mice, O. 1 (d) 
General Paralysis of the Insane, Frequency 
of, in Prussian Lunatic Asylums, 
C. 88G—continued. Generations of Mannheim Families 
Age-intervals separating, C. 39 
Average number of Children in each, 
C. 38 
Number attained by, C. 38 
Germ-cells, effect on, of Lead-poisoning, 
C. 98 
Germ Production, Abnormal, Disturbance 
of Normal Sex proportion as 
symptom of, C. 44 
Germany, see Berlin, Munich, & United 
Recruits in, cause of Unfitness in those 
qualified for one year and in 
general, C. 33, 34 
GRUEBER, PROF. von, C. 1-123 
Hnemophylic family', Pedigree of, C. 12 
Hair Peculiarities, Heredity of 
Curled hair, C. 5 
Lock of WThite hair, C. 6 
Health and Fertility in relation to Crossing 
of Races, C. ir7 
of Married persons, importance to, of 
Marriage, C. ro2 
of Offspring in relation to 
Birth-interval, C. 58 
Blood-relationship of Parents, C. 108 
Heart and Vessels, effect on of Syphilis, 
C. 85 
Hereditary Cataract, L. 4 
Changes in Alyies obstetricans, C. 3-4 
Congenital Nystagmus, L. 3 (a & b) 
Constitution as evidenced by power to 
Breast-feed, in relation to Infant 
Mortality, C. 79-82 
Night-blindness with Myopia, L. 2 
Heredity, see also Descent, Inheritance & 
among Moral Imbeciles, C. 17 
of Hair peculiarities 
Curling, C. 15 
White lock, C. 6 
of Particular Taints, Distribution of 
amongst nearest Relatives, C. 
Principles of, Charts of, P. 
Higher grades of Society 
Dying out of, C. 34 
Large Scale of, C. 36 
Urban, C. 37 
Quick process, Catastrophic changes 
inaugurating, C. 38-43 
Holland, see also Dutch, & Netherlands 
Fertility in, in relation to High Mental 
Endowment, C. 123 
LIVERPOOL, F. 1-3 (/) 
Human Races, see also Races 
Crossing of, Inbreeding and, C. 106-7 
Interbreeding of Different, results of 
K. 3 
Hybrids resulting from Cross-fertilization, 
C. rri 
Hybridization in Maize, C. tii

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