Full text: Problems in eugenics

Index to Exhibits.v 
Illegitimacy in England and Wales, H. 9 
Illegitimate Children, Mortality of, 
C. 104, 105 
Imbeciles, Moral, Heredity among, C. 20 
Inbreeding and Crossing ot Races, 
C. 106 
among Pathological, harm of, C. 109 
in Reigning families, C. 112-14 
Incest, and Feeble-mindedness, D. 3 
Infantile Mortality in relation to 
Age of Parents, C. 51 
Birth Interval (see also that head), C. 
57= 58> 66 
Long or Short, C. 65 
Breast-feeding, see under Breast-feed­ 
33irth- and Death-rates, relation be­ 
tween, II. 1 
Female Labour, C. 99-101 
Hereditary Constitution, C. 79-82 
Marriage of Parents, C. 104, 105 
Numerical position in family, C. 50, 60 
in Princely families, C. 53 
in England and Wales, H. 9 
in the Netherlands, H. 10 
in New Zealand, H. 26 
in Protestant Countries, H. 11-13 
in Roman Catholic Countries, H. 14-16 
Tuberculosis, and Pauperism, relation 
between, E., 5 (a-e) 
Inheritance of Ability, as exemplified in the 
Darwin, Galton, and Wedgwood 
Families, O. 5 
in Polygamous Utah family, of Physical 
and Mental Qualities and De­ 
fects, and of Literary Ability, 
N. 1 
Segregative of Racial Form of Nose, 
K. 1-2 (a & b) 
Insanitary Property in Liverpool, Model 
of, F. 1 
Photographs of, and of New Dwell­ 
ings erected on demolition of, 
F. 3 (a & b) 
Insanity (see also Lunatics), Consumption, 
and Infant Mortality, E. 5 (b) 
Interbreeding of Different Human Races, 
results of, K. 3 
Intermarriage, see also Marriage 
between Pauper and Defective families, 
Tendency to, E. 2 
Intoxication, Alcoholic, Acute, in relation 
to Origin of Feeble-minded­ 
ness, C. 97 L 
Land, re-settlement of Families dealt with, 
N. Germany, C. 23-5 
Lead-poisoning as affecting Germ-cells and 
Foetus, C. 98 
Legitimate and Illegitimate Children, 
Berlin, 1885, Survival of, C. 105 
Letters (autograph) of Charles Darwin (Two) 
on “Worms and their Habits,” 
B. 9 
LIDBETTER, E. J., E. 1-6 (d) 
T.ife, Male, Duration of, Urban and Rural, 
in Prussia, C. 22L—continued. LIVERPOOL, CITY OF, PUBLIC 
London (see also All London), Birth- and 
Death-rates, relation between, 
H' 3 . „ 
Low-type Stock, perpetuation of, Pauperism 
due to, E. 1-6 (d) 
with but little Physical Defect, E. 3 
Lunatic Asylums, Prussian, Frequency in, 
of Delirium tremer.s, Epilepsy 
and General Paralysis, C. 88 
Maize, Cross fertilized, Hybridized, Self­ 
fertilized, C. hi 
Male and Female Mortality, Urban and 
Rural, compared, C. 83-5 
Life, Duration^ of, Urban and Rural, 
Prussia, C. 22 
Malthusian theory of Population, H. 1-30 
Mankind, Eye-colour in, Mendelian descent 
of, Pedigree shewing, I. 3 
Mannheim families, Gradual extinction of, 
19th century, C. 37 
Marriage rate, England & Wales, H. 9 
Marriage(s) in relation to Fertility, Occupa­ 
tion and Wealth, Copenhagen 
and Holland, C. 122 
First, Prolificness of, 19th Century, C. 40 
Importance of, to Health of Married 
persons, C. 102 
and Mortality in Prussia (1894-7), C. 102 
between Peasant and Tramp, Pedigree 
shewing results, C. 21 
Mendelian descent of Eye-colour in Mai 
kind, Pedigree shewing, I. 3 
Experiments with Fowls, shewing Re­ 
combination of Colours, M. 3 
Heredity in Blue Andalusian Fowls, 
Gametic Purity in, Illustration of 
Theory of, O. i(/) 
Without Dominance, O. i(e) 
in Mice, illustration of Theory of 
Gametic Purity in, O. i(a!) 
With Dominance, Theoretical examples 
of, O. i(?) 
in Peas, Theoretical examples of, O. 1 
(a & b) 
in Rabbits, M. 1, 2 
Mendelism, O. 1 
Mental Defect, see also Defect, Defective, 
Transmission of, through the apparently 
Normal, E. 6 (a-d) 
Disease and Destructive Eye-disease in 
same Stock, E. 1 
Endowment, High, in relation to Fertility 
France, C. 124 
Holland, C. 123 
Taint, distribution of, among nearest 
Relatives, C. 17 
Mice, Mendelian Heredity in, Gametic 
Purity in, O. 1 (d) 
(Theoretical), with Dominance, O. 1 (c) 
Midwife Toad, Hereditary changes in 
Habits of, C. 3-4

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