Full text: Problems in eugenics

VI.Index to Exhibits. 
Migrainous Parents, Offspring of, D. 14 
Military Fitness and Unfitness, Germany, 
in relation to School life, C. 31, 
32> 33 
Recruits, Frequency among, of "Venereal 
Diseases, C. 87 
Miscarriages in relation to Conception 
losses, C. 52(2) 
Moral Imbeciles, Heredity among, C. 20 
Mortality, see also Infant, Male and Female, 
Phthisis, Syphilitic 
of Children, in relation to Age at Death 
of Parents, C. 7-10 
of Illegitimate Children, 104, 105 
in relation to Marriage, C. 102 
MUDGE, G. P., K. 1-5 
Munich, Fertility in, in relation to Wealth, 
C. 120 
Munich Regiments, percentage in, of Fit­ 
ness, C. 34 
Muscular Atrophy, Progressive, C. 13 
Myopia, with Hereditary JNl ight-blindneSs, 
L. 2 
High degree of, and frequency of, among 
First-born, C. 54 
Neomalthusianism, C. 118-29 
Netherlands, see also Holland 
Birth- and Death-rates and Infant Mor­ 
tality for, H. 10 
New Jersey State Village for Epileptics, at 
Skillman, Charts of, D. 1-15 
New Zealand, Birth- and Death-rate and 
Infant Mortality, H. 26 
Night-blindness, Hereditary with Myopia 
L. 2 
Inherited Stationary, Pedigree of sufferers 
from, of Nongaret family, C. 14 
Nongaret family, sufferers from Inherited 
Stationary Night-blindness, Pedi­ 
gree of, C. 14 
Normal Classes, Comparison with, of 
Booth’s Classification of “All 
London,” O. 3 
Woman, with two Tuberculous husbands, 
E. 5 [d) 
Nose, Racial form of, and its Segregative 
Inheritance, K. 1-2 (a & b) 
Number of Children and 
Capacity for Breast-feeding, C. 61 
Child Mortality, C. 60 
Numerical position in family, see also First­ 
and Duration of Breast-feeding in relation 
to Infant Mortality, C. 20 
in relation to Infantile Mortality, C. 50, 55 
in Princely families, C. 53 
Nystagmus, Hereditary congenital, L. 3 
(a & b)O 
Occupation in relation to Fertility, Den­ 
mark and Holland, C. 122 
Offspring, Human, effects on of Alcohol, 
Blood relationship of Parents, 
Epileptic and Feeble-minded 
Parentage, kc., see those headsP Parental Age at Death, and Child Mortali­ 
ty, C. 7-10 
Occupation in relation to Military Fit­ 
ness, Germany, C. 26-30 
Parents, Blood-relationship of, and Health 
of Offspring, C. 108 
Epileptic, Offspring of, D. 1 
Paris, Birth- and Death-rates of, relation 
between, H. 4 
Number of Children in, in relation to 
Wealth, C. 119 
Paternal Alcoholism, as affecting Suckling 
powers of Daughters, C. 93 
with Inter-connection of Tuberculosis* 
Neuroses and Psychoses of Off­ 
spring, C. 94 
Lead-poisoning, effect of, on Reproduc­ 
tion of Healthy Offspring, C. 98 
Pathological Interbreeding, harm of C. 109 
Pauper and Defective families, Tendency 
to Inter-marriage between, E. 2 
Pauperism due to Transmission of Defect,. 
and perpetuation of Low-type 
Stocks, E. 1-6 (d) 
Tuberculosis, and Infant Mortality, rela­ 
tion between, E. 5 (a-e) 
Peas, see also Sweet Peas 
Mendelian Inheritance in, Theoretical 
examples of, O. 1 (a & b) 
Peasant and Tramp Intermarriages, Pedi­ 
gree shewing results, C. 21 
Pedigree Records, System of Making, G. 1 
Pedigrees of 
Archduchess Maria... of Tuscany, shew­ 
ing Inbreeding, C. 112 
“ Belvidere,” C. 100 
Collected by Field-workers in America, P. 
Descent o| Administrative Ability, I. i„ 
see also Darwin, Galton, and: 
Wedgwood families 
of Scientific Ability (Wollaston Pedi- 
gree), I. 2 
Mendelian descent of Eye-colour in; 
Mankind, I. 3 
Family with peculiarly Curled Hair, C. 5 
Hremophylic family, C. 12 
Illustrating Royal tendency to Inter­ 
marry, C. 112-14 
Reigning Houses, shewing Ancestral 
Loss, C. 116 
Zero von Jorger family, C. 21 
Physical condition of Childless and Fertile 
Couples contrasted, C. 45 
Photographs of Charles Darwin, B. 3, 5, 
of Small Study in which “ Origin of 
Species ” was written, B. 6 
Physical Development in relation to Dura­ 
tion of Breast-feeding, C. 7 
Qualities, Heredity of, Tables shewing,. 
C. 7 
Phthisis Mortality, Decline in, for 
England & Wales, F. 2 (a) 
England & Ireland, F. 2 (b) 
Liverpool, F. 2 (d) 
Scotland, F 2 U)

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