Full text: Problems in eugenics

Index to Exhibits.VII. 
Polygamous Utah Family, Inheritance in, 
of Physical and Mental Qualities 
and Defects, and of Literary 
Ability, N. i 
Population Births, per Couple, essential to prevent 
Decay of Nation, C. 123 et 
Descent of Qualities in (after Galton), O. 4 
Malthusian theory of, H. 1-30 
Neomalthusian theory of, C. 118-29 
Portraits of 
Darwin, Charles 
(Engraving by L. Flameng, after Hon. 
John (Jollier's painting), B. 4 
by Maull & Polyblank (Photograph), 
B. 3 
on his horse Tommy (Photograph), B. 5 
Painting by W. W. Ouless, B. 1 
Darwin, Dr. Erasmus, and his son, 
Erasmus (Silhouette), A. 2 
Darwin, Mrs. (Silhouette), A. 3 
Galton, Samuel Tertius, his son Erasmus, 
and three daughters (Silhouette), 
A. 4 
Galton, Sir Francis, by Charles Furze, 
A. 1 
Poultry, see Blue Andalusian Fowls 
Pregnancy, effect on, of Female Labour, 
C. 99-101 
Premature Births and Abortion in_ various 
Callings, C. 101 
in relation to Conception losses, C. 52(2) 
Princely families, Infantile Mortality in, in 
relation to Numerical position, 
C. 53 
Principles of Heredity Charts of, P. 
Progeny of the Highly Gifted in France, 
C. 124 
Progressive Muscular Atrophy, Inheritance 
of, C. 13 
Prolificness of First Marriages, 19th century, 
C. 40 
Protestant Countries, Birth- and Death- rates 
and Infant Mortality in, H. n-13 
Prussia, Fertility (restricted) in, C. 126 
Prussia Lunatic Asylums of, Frequency in, of 
Delirium tremens, Epilepsy^ and 
General Paralysis, C. 88 
Male Life-duration in, Urban and Rural, 
C. 22 
Ptolemaiis X., pedigree of, shewing In- 
breeding, C. 113 
PUNNETT, PROF. R. C., M. 1-7 (b) 
Qualities, Descent of, in a Population (after 
Galton), O. 4 
Rabbits, Mendelian Inheritance in, M. 1, 2 
Rachitic disturbances of Development, 
Frequency of, in relation to 
Duration of Breast-feeding, C. 78 
Race—Hvgiene, C. 46-7R—continued. Racial Crossing, C. 106-7 
Fertility and Health in relation to, 
C. 117 
Eye-colour Segregation of, K 
Form of Nose and its Segregative Inheri- 
ance, K. 1-2 (a & b) 
Inbreeding, C. 106-7 
Recombination of Colours in Fowls, Men­ 
delian experiments shewing, M. 3 
Recruits, qualified for one year’s, service, 
and Recruits in general, Ger­ 
many, causes of Unfitness in, 
compared, C. 33, 34 
Reigning families, Inbreeding among, C. 112 
Houses, Pedigrees of, shewing Ancestral 
Loss, C. it6 
Relations, Nearest, Distribution among, of 
Particular Taints, C. 16-19 
Reproduction, effect on, of Female Labour, 
C. 99-101 
of Paternal Lead Poisoning, C. 98 
Reproduction-methods of Alytes obstetricans, 
Hereditary changes in, C. 3-4 
Reproductive Functions, Injury to, from 
Alcohol, C. 89-90 
Restriction of Birth, C. 125-8 
Reversion in Sweet Peas 
on Crossing, followed by appearance in 
^ next generation of Numerous 
Types, M. 4 
in Structural characters, M. 5 
Roman Catholic Countries, Birth- and Death- 
rate and Infant Mortality in, 
H. 14-16 
Rural and Urban Duration of Male Life, 
Prussia, C. 22 
Self-fertilization in Maize, C. hi 
School Reports, average, in relation to 
Duration of Breast-feeding, C. 77 
Schools, German, in relation to Military 
Fitness, C. 31 
Scientific Ability, Descent of, Pedigree 
shewing I. 2, and see Darwin, 
Galton, Wedgwood families. 
Sexes, Normal proportion of. Disturbance 
in, as symptom of Abnormal 
germ production, C. 44 
Segregation Inheritance of Racial form of 
Nose, K., 1-2 (a & b) 
Segregation of Racial Eye-colour, K. (i-c) 
Silhouettes of 
Darwin, Dr. Erasmus, and his son 
Erasmus, A. 2 
Darwin, Mrs., A. 3 
Galton, Samuel Tertius, his son Erasmus, 
and three daughters, A. 4 
Skin-Colour, changes in, in Fire Salamander 
according to whether kept on 
Yellow or Black Earth, C. 1-2 
Soter II., Pedigree of, shewing Inbreeding, 
Co e> 5 
• 1 *3 
Spaniard v. Gipsy Inheritance, Segregation 
of Eye-colour, K. 3 
Still-births, in relation to Conception losses 
C- 52-3 
Decrease of Total of, C. 48(4)

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