Full text: Problems in eugenics

VIII.Index to Exhibits. 
Structural Characters, Reversion in, in Sweet 
Peas, M. 5 
Students, German, causes of Military Unfit- 
ness in, C. 32, 33 
Suicides in Civilised Countries, Increasing 
numbers of, C. 35-6 
Suckling, see Breast-feeding 
Sucklings, see Infant Mortality 
Surgery in Childbirth, increase in, Racial 
significance of, C. 48 (1-6) 
Standard Scheme of Descent (after Galton), 
O. 2 
Sweet Peas 
Association in, of Characters in Heredity, 
M. 6 & 7 (a & b) 
Reversion in, on Crossing, followed by 
appearance of Numerous Types in 
next generation, M. 4 
in Structural Characters, M. 5 
Syphilitic and Sexually-immoral Couple, 
Offspring of, D. 15 
Syphilis Heart and Vessels as harmed by, C. 85 
Mortality from, at 36 to 50 years, C. 85 
Frequency of, relative, Urban and Rural, 
C. 86-8T 
Taints, particular, distribution of am^gig 
nearest Relations, C. 16-9 
Teeth, Carious, average of, Breast-feeding 
in relation to, C. 75 
Toronto, Citv of, Birth- and Death-rates 
of,' H. 27 
Towns, see also Urban 
French and German, Restriction of Births 
in, C. 125-9 
Life in, Special effect of, on Male Mor­ 
tality, C. 83-5 
Tramp and Peasant Intermarriage, Pedigree 
showing results, C. 21 
Tuberculosis Frequency of, within Families, C. 15 
Infant Mortality, and Pauperism, relation 
between, E. 5(a & e) 
Mortality from, of Married and Unmarried 
persons, C. 102 
Tuberculous family with apparently Normal 
Parents from Tuberculous Stocks, 
E. 5(a) 
Stock, Survival of, by accession of 
strength from Normal, E. 5 (c 
8z d) 
Twins, Hereditary tendency to beget, C. n 
Two-children System in Berlin, C. 127-9U United Kingdom and Germany, Total 
Population, and Birth- and Death- 
rates, Variations in, H. 5-6 
Urban Tendency to Extinction of Higher- 
grade families, C. 37 
and Rural Duration of Male life, Prussia, 
C. 22 
relative Frequency of Syphilis and other 
Venereal diseases, C. 86-8 
Vitality of Child, influence on, of Birth- 
intervals, C. 65 
Venereal Disease, Frequency of 
among Military Recruits, C. 87 
Urban and Rural, relative, C. 86-8 
Wealth, in relation to 
Birth-rate, C. 118-22 
Fertility Denmark, C. 121, 122 
France, C. 118, 119 
Wedgwood, Galton, and Darwin Families, 
Inheritance of Ability as exempli­ 
fied by, O. 5 
of the N. Jersey State Village for 
Epileptics at Skillman, U.S.A. 
D. 1-15 
WHEELER, E. G., A. (1-4) 
WHETHAM, MR. & MRS. W. C. D., 
L *:3 
Widows and Divorced persons, High Death- 
rate of, C. 103 
Chart shewing Inheritance of 
Physical and Mental Qualities 
and Defects, and of Literary 
Ability, from Polygamous family 
in Utah, N. 1 
Wife, Importance of in raising or lowering 
Family Status, C. 21 
William II., German Emperor, Pedigree of, 
showing “Ancestral loss,” C. 116 
Wollaston Pedigree, shewing descent of 
Scientific Ability, I. 2 
Woman with two husbands, Defective family 
by the first, E. 4 
Zero von Jorger family, Perigree of, C. 21

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