Full text: Problems in eugenics

First International Eugenics Congress, 
London, July, 1912. 
Exhibited by E. G. Wheler, Esq. A, 
Portrait of Sir Francis Galton, by Charles Furze, 1903. a I 
Silhouettes of Dr. Erasmus Darwin and his son Erasmus. a 2 
Silhouette of Mrs. Darwin. A 3 
Silhouettes of Samuel Tertius Galton, his son Erasmus and three a 4 
daughter?. Exhibited by William E. and Leonard Darwin. b. 
Portrait of Charles Darwin, by W. W. Ouless, R A., painted in 1875. B 1 
Portrait of Erasmus Darwin (after; Wright, of Derby), the common B 2 
grandfather of Charles Darwin and Francis Galton. 
Photograph of Charles Darwin, by Maul & Polyblank, taken about the B 3 
year 1854. 
Leopold Flameng’s Engraving, after the portrait of Charles Darwin, by B 4 
the Hon. John Collier, painted in the year 1881—now in the 
National Portrait Gallery. 
Photograph of Charles Darwin on his horse Tommy. B 5 
Photograph of the small study at Down in which the “Origin of Species” B 6 
was written. 
Etching by Axel Haig of the large study at Down, which Charles b 7 
Darwin occupied from about 1887 onwards. 
Water-colour Drawing of Down House, by Albert Goodwin, painted in B 8 
Two letters of Charles Darwin, on ‘'Worms and their Habits.” b 9 
Exhibited by Professor von Gruber. c 
Experiments by P. Kammerer on changes produced in the colours C 1 & 2 
in the skin of the Fire Salamander—Salamandra maculosa—by 
keeping them on yellow or black earth respectively. 
According as to whether the animals are kept on yellow or 
black earth the yellow or black colouring of the skin spreads, and

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