Full text: Problems in eugenics

Exhibit C 6—8.3 
a pedigree (taken by Dr. Walter Bell from Bateson’s “ Mendel’s 
Principles of Heredity”), Figure C 5, of a family with peculiarly 
curled hair; also in Figure C 6, a case of heredity of a lock of white 
hair, likewise taken from Bateson’s work by Rizzoli. 
The heredity of physical qualities is strikingly illustrated in 
Weinberg’s Table C 7, showing the age at death of the parents and 
the marital gross and nett fertility. It is founded on the Stuttgart 
family registers, and comprises about 1,900 non-tubercular and 
about 3,000 tubercular families ("Archiv für Rassen and 
Gesellschafts Biologie ” and Württemberger Jahrbücher für Statistik 
und Landeskunde, 1911). W. Weinberg adds : 
Relation of Age at Death of Parents to Gross and Nett Fertility. 
(After Weinberg.) 
Men : Women : 
Years under 30-4040-50 50-60 60-70 70 100 Years under 30-4040-5050-60 60-70 70-100 
30 30 
Age of parents. Age of parents. 
Non-tuberculous families, number of children surviving 20th year. 
Hi Tuberculous ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, 
pyjyyj Non-tuberculous families, number of children dying before attaining 20th year. 
W#// Tuberculous ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, 
Number of non-tuberculous families about 1,900 (1876-79-86), of tuberculous 
about 3,000 (1873-89) ; from Stuttgart family registers. 
Figure C 7. 
“ The gross as well as the nett fertility of those which have 
died increases with the age attained, the latter, however, in a 
greater degree, because the mortality of children decreases with the 
greater age attained at death. With the wife the curve is less steep 
and less regular, because in her case mortality is unfavourably 
influenced by the birth functions; this is particularly plainly seen 
in the case of tuberculous women, when the curve has two peaks.” 
The same fact of heredity of “ constitution ” is demonstrated c 
in Weinberg’s Table C 8 showing the age at death of the parents and

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