Full text: Problems in eugenics

6Exhibit C 17—21. 
of the entire material he deals with. It is shown for instance that 
with the mentally sound, 15% of the tainted relatives were mentally 
diseased against 45.9% with the mentally diseased. Figure C 17 
shows the share of this percentage among the parents only. It is 
demonstrated that with the mentally diseased a much larger per­ 
centage of the total hereditary taint is traceable to parental madness, 
alcoholism, abnormality of character, than with the mentally sound. 
Figure C 18 corresponds with figure C 17, except that not only the 
parents are reckoned but the nearest defective relative in any degree. 
Figure C 19 teaches that the leckoning of all the taints in the ancestry 
taken together with the collaterals fails to give as clear and con­ 
vincing a picture of the dissimilarity in the heredity of mentally 
sound and diseased, as the reckoning of the taints among the parents 
alone. The establishment of the hereditary taint in the direct 
ancestry appears therefore by far the more important. 
In Figure 144 (Journal f. Psychologie und Neurologie. XIII. 
Bd.) Drf. Hans W. Mayer gives a number of examples of heredity 
among moral imbeciles, and he draws the following conclusions : 
“ Consequently moral defect in frequent combination with alcoholism 
is hereditary in the highest degree. Remedy : Incarceration of these 
dangerous individuals, not according to the accidental form of the 
crime committed, but as diseased and forming a public danger. If 
there is a risk of escape or if liberty is conceded—undoubtedly 
sterilisation to prevent perpetuation of the defect.” This latter 
course is already followed in North America, and a start has been 
made with it in Switzerland, at least in cases where the consent of 
the patients is obtained. 
The pedigree of the family of Zero von Jorger, figure C 21 
(Archiv für Rassen & Gesellschafts biologie I.), shows in a con­ 
vincing manner how very important for the protection of society is 
the prevention of the reproduction of the degenerate. In the course 
of time this family has burdened the sound and fit with taxation 
amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds. The author remarks : 
“ The family Zero springs from good peasant stock intermarrying 
w'ith homeless female tramps. Its history shows how alcohol 
(especially spirits) and bad environment (in this case always 
combined) may create a scourge to society which continues from 
generation to generation. The family has produced many criminals, 
lunatics and feeble-minded persons. The offspring of these are destined 
to die out. Their great fertility at times is counteracted by great infant mortality.”

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