Full text: Problems in eugenics

Exhibit C 27—30.9 
Fitness for Military Service in Town and Country. 
(After Wellmann.)Locality of Birth. 
Trade.Percentage of fit.Of those examined.Of both parents. 
Large city. 
%Village. %Large city. 
%Village % 
Brewer ...63'43 055*33-055 ’3 
Cab Driver63-33'269 'O1 '669-8 
Smith6l '21 971 'O1-2757 
Skilled Mechanic29744'410 93°‘93°‘° 
Implement maker or 
Tool maker ...28-536-3i5'924-828-3 Figure 27. 
Enlistments into the Army in Germany in 1907 and 1908, C 28 
according to size (number of inhabitants) of native place, are shown by 
Dr. Walter Abelsdorff in Figure C 28. 
Figure C 29 shows the percentage of those found fit in the final C 29 
examination in Bavaria and occupation of the parents. 
Table C 30 shows the total of all the non-commissioned officers c 30 
and privates in the German Army on December 1st, 1906, classed 
according as they came from town or country and according to the 
occupation 01 the parents. 
Attention is invited to the fact that according to Figure C 26 
the percentage of those found fit for military service in Germany 
has diminished in recent years, but it is doubtful whether this is 
caused by a general lowering of physique. It may be Hue to the 
application of a higher standard in consequence of increased supply. 
The distinct increase in height, in Germany as well as in many other 
European countries, of those obliged to offer themselves for military 
service speaks against deterioration in the average of physique. 
Against the suggestion that with the increase in height may be 
coupled a greater disposition to tuberculosis must be set the fact that 
amongst the tall is found a percentage of fit higher than the average. 
Abelsdorff remarks of Table C 27 : “The results of recruiting 
for the years 1907 and 1908 have been grouped according to 
the size of the place of birth of the recruits.

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