Full text: Problems in eugenics

Fitness for Military Service and Secondary Schools. 
Of every 100 of the pupils of the following Schools 
Class of School : there were found fit foi Military Service : 
Classical High Schools (Gymnasium) 
Old Scientific & Classical High Schools (Realgymnasium) 
Lower Grade of Classical High Schools (Progymnasium) 
Lower Grade of Scientific Schools... 
,, ,, ,, and Classical High Schools ... 
Modern Scientific High Schools ... 
Commercial Schools 
Training Colleges ... 
Private Schools 
Agricultural Schools 
AverageFigure C 31. 
Exhibit C 31—32. n 
Table C 32 gives the principal reasons for which students have C 32 
been rejected as unfit for military service. 
Causes of Unfitness for Military Service in the German Empire, 1904-6. 
Of every 100 permanently unfit. 
There were rejected on account of: 
General debility—weak 
Diseases of the heart and 
large blood-vessels. 
Defects of eyes (error of 
Pulmonary defects. 
Diseases of the nervous 
system (excl. epilepsy). 
Obesity.4.5 1.9 
11.00 0.15 
Diseases of the limbs 
and joints. 
Rupture. Flat feet.IS.? IÎA 
Varicose veins. 
Deformities. Insanity and Epilepsy.10.» _î.2 '.«C 
BK.f SS*' 
Entitled to one year's 
(Einjhrign Freiwilligen.)£3 Ordinary soldiers subject to full Military 
Figure C 32.C

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