Full text: Problems in eugenics

3°Exhibit C 63—64. 
C 64Time passed 
since birth 
of preceding childless than 
1 yearall children 
1-1J ij-i£ i^-ifiJ-2 2-3 over 3 years 
Figure C 63. 
Figure C 64 shows the parallelism_j3etween the jiverage_Jength__oM)rea^- 
feeding and the average time between births within the families. A half to 
three-quarters of the mothers who suckled either long enough or very long 
show an interval between births of from to 3 years, whereas of those who 
did not suckle at all, or only did so insufficiently, only one-third belong to 
this group, and figure largely in the column of lower birth intervals. 
Dependence of Infant Mortality on the Average Duration 
of Breast-Feeding and the Average Length of Time 
Intervening between the Successive Births of the 
Children in a Family.□ Average infant mortality of 
the group in question. 
Infant mortality according 
to an average length of time 
intervening between succes­ 
sive births of 
If the preceding child was suckled for at least 39 weeks, only thirty-eight, 
and with a suckling period of more than a year only twenty mothers have 
to reckon on a fresh birth within if years. 
Dependence of Infant Mortality on the Duration of Breast- 
Feeding and the Length of Time Intervening Between 
Successive Births.D Average infant mortality of 
the group in question. 
Infant mortality arranged 
according to duration ot 
(5>233 children, after Dr. Marie Baum.) 
(1,495 families with 7,983 living-born children, 
after Dr. Marie Baum.)■^essttianlyearj-— 0 
» 1 h) IV» 
ea ft - iV 
bu te - iV-j.. 
^ 1V 2 » 
O 2 - 5 •’ 
!■ over 5 •• 
Duration of 
breast-feeding in weeks39-52 over 52 all children together 
Figure C 64.

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