Full text: Problems in eugenics

Exhibit C 79,33 
The importance of the hereditary constitution (which he considers ^ 79-82 
is dependent on soil and climate) as regards infant mortality v. Vogel 
expresses in four maps of Bavaria (Figures 79-82;, to which he has fur­ 
nished the following comments (contained in the pamphlet, “ Der Ortliche 
Stand der Sâuglingsterblichkeit in Bayern,” Munich, Piloty and Loehle, 
1911) : "The district of the highest infant mortality in Bavaria is 
inhabited by a population of small height, small fitness for military 
service, and high tuberculous mortality. The reverse holds good on 
the whole for the district with a low mortality.Map of Bavaria. 
Infant mortality in 1901. 
Of each 100 living-born 
there died during the 
first year : 
wm 10-20 
ms 20-30 30-40Figure C 79. 
I cannot suppress another objection to the usual way of proving the 
—to my mind undoubted—influence of breast-feeding on the duration 
of life in infancy. Why is the mortality of those children who have not 
been suckled for a week so large ? Is it because they have not been 
suckled, or because they have only lived altogether for less than a week ? 
Or, again, to be able to be suckled for 40 or 50 weeks, one must have 
lived for 40 or 50 weeks, but a child who has lived for 40 or 50

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