Full text: Problems in eugenics

D 7a 
D 7b 
D 8 
D 9 
I) 10This is the history of two patients who have been found to be 
related, the great grandfather of the one was the brother of the grand­ 
mother of the other. The principal mating under D 7a is that of a 
feeble-minded man married to an epileptic woman, whose mother died 
in the insane asylum. They had six children, the first died when only 
a few months old. the next and the fourth were not bright and died 
young, the third is an epileptic, the fifth is feeble-minded and 
criminalistic and he is now at the State Home for Boys, the sixth 
is also feeble-minded and cared for at an industrial home for children. 
The mother and father, at one time inmates of the almshouse, are now 
supported by the town. Under D 7b the father, who died of spinal 
meningitis, was migrainous and had many epileptic relatives, the 
mother is neurotic. There were four children, the first an epileptic, 
the second died at 20 of spinal meningitis, the third is of a very 
nervous temperament, the last, a girl of 16, seems to be normal. 
Both of the parents in this case are feeble-minded. The father 
was the black sheep of his family, his brothers are intelligent men, 
and for the most part good citizens; the mother, however, was the 
illegitimate child of a feeble-minded woman. There were seven 
children, one an epileptic, the others all feeble-minded with the 
exception of the sixth, who is now about 1 x years old; she was taken 
from her home and put with a very good family; she shows the effect 
of the changed environment, and though not up to her grade in 
school, is only slightly backward. There is some doubt about the 
parentage of the child, and it is very probable that she is by a 
different father. Since the father’s death the mother has had one 
illegitimate child; her children were taken away from her except 
the two oldest because of the immoral conditions in the home, and 
she now claims to be married to a feeble-minded man, who is the 
younger feeble-minded brother of her imbecile daughter’s husband. 
The central mating in this case is that of an epileptic, alcoholic, 
sexually immoral man, married to a neurotic and sexually immoral 
woman, who has many insane and feeble-minded relatives. They 
had in all ten children ; two were epileptic, three feeble-minded, one 
criminalistic and sexually immoral, the sixth is the only one who has 
a good reputation, the last was a stillbirth. The father and mother 
are no longer living together. 
The case illustrated on this chart is of a feeble-minded woman 
married to an alcoholic man. The wife descended from an alcoholic 
father, who had several epileptic relatives. The husband also 
descended from an alcoholic father, and had an epileptic nephew. 
50 Exhibit D 7A—10.

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