Full text: Problems in eugenics

Exhibit D to—15.51 
Of their nine children, the first three died young of scarlet fever, the 
fourth was epileptic, and the other five are feeble-minded. 
On this chart we have the history of an epileptic man whose D 11 
attacks were of the petit-mal type. He married a choreic woman 
They had four children, the eldest a man who developed epilepsy 
after his second marriage. His first wife was insane; by her he had 
two daughters, one of whom is now an inmate in an insane asylum, 
the other is neurotic and has been treated in a sanatorium. Of the 
other children two are apparently normal and one migrainous. 
This chart shows an epileptic man married to a normal woman; D 12 
he had both epileptic and insane relatives, while she had epileptic, 
alcoholic, and tubercular relatives. Their first child was an epileptic, 
the next were twins, one of these appears to be normal while the other 
is of a very nervous temperament, the fourth died in infancy, and the 
last three were stillbirths. The mother married the second time, this 
time to a man who drank to excess after their marriage; by him she 
had two children, both of whom seem to be normal. They are both 
in school. This is the history of a low grade epileptic. His oldest sister D 13 
is normal; she was brought up by strangers after her mother’s death, 
and is now earning her living as a saleslady. The second was a boy, 
who was thought to be normal until he was about sixteen, when he 
displayed criminalistic tendencies, and for the crime of rape was put 
in the Reform School. The youngest is a girl, who is of a very 
nervous temperament. The father was an alcoholic, and went on 
long sprees; he deserted his wife and family to live with a woman 
who also deserted a family. His brother is an alcoholic, and mar­ 
ried the patient’s mother’s sister; they are now divorced. The 
mother was migrainous, she died of tuberculosis; her family shows a 
neurotic taint, while the father has several epileptic relatives. 
In the central mating the father and mother are both migrainous. D 14 
They both belong to families prominent in the community in which 
they reside; their homes are among the best, and they are counted 
as leading citizens. There were nine children; three died before four 
years of age, one is epileptic, one seems to be normal, and the others 
all show some nervous taint, though not migrainous. 
This is the history of a syphilitic and a sexually immoral couple. £> 
They were never married, and the woman for many years supported 
the man, who was never sober and frequently had attacks of delirium 
tremens. She finally deserted him. Of their eight children two were

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