Full text: Problems in eugenics

Exhibit E 3—6d.53 
infirmary, and two in asylums for lunatics; one child is an imbecile. 
On the whole the stock may be described as mentally sub-normal (not 
strongly so), but with a marked non-moral tendency. Of the 34 
children in the last generation, ten are certainly illegitimate; 15 were, 
or are, being brought up in Poor Law Institutions, and nine received 
out-door relief with their parents. The collective period of 
pauperism in this case exceeds 115 years and the cost to the rate­ 
payers is estimated at about ^2,400. 
Showing the case of a woman who had two husbands. With E 4 
the first her children were consistently defective (deaf and dumb). 
With the second, one died in infancy and three are doing well. All 
the children of the first are, or have been, paupers. 
A series showing the intimate relation between tuberculosis E, 5 
infant mortality and pauperism :— 
Showing a tuberculous family with apparently normal parents. E, 5a 
both of whom come from tuberculous stocks. Of their 14 
children only two are normal ; six are consumptive ; four died in 
infancy. The father was one of a family of 8 of whom only he 
and one other survived—and that other became insane, and his 
wife and children became paupers in consequence. 
Showing insanity, consumption and infant mortality; also the E 5b 
transmission of insanity through the apparently normal. 
Showing the survival of tuberculous stock by accession of E 5c 
strength from the normal. Only the illegitimate children and 
their non-sick father survive in this group. 
Showing the case of a normal woman who had two consumptive E 5d 
husbands. Survival of defective strain by accession of strength from 
the normal. Consumption in three generations. Male infant mortality. Query, £ 5e 
transmission (?) through the normal. 
A series showing transmission of mental defect through the £  ^ 
apparently normal. 
Insanity, blindness, epilepsy and feeble-mindedness. e, 
Insanity in three generations. Transmission through the normal g 55 
in each case. 
Insanity through the normal twice removed. E 6c 
Insanity, epilepsy, and infant mortality—a Mendelian suggestion, e 6d

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