Full text: Problems in eugenics

Exhibit G—H.55 
that the system here exhibited is an outgrowth and development of a 
scheme for the keeping of pedigree data in general and particularly 
human pedigree records suggested many years ago by the late Sir 
Francis Gal ton. 
Exhibited by C. V. Drysdale, Esq., D.Sc. H 
The Malthusian theory of population leads to the conclusion that 
the population of the majority of countries is held in check by lack 
of food. Therefore, there should be a correspondence between the 
birth and death rates, high birth rates producing high death rates 
and high infantile mortality, and the death rate should rise or fall 
with a rise or fall of the birth rate. 
In the accompanying diagrams, white strips imply birth rates, 
shaded strips death rates, and black strips infantile mortality, or 
deaths of children under one year.

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