Full text: Problems in eugenics

Exhibit H 3—2457 
Shows relation between birth and death rates from various causes h 3 
in five districts of London. 
Relation between the birth rate and death rate for various H 4 
arrondissements of Paris in 1906. (Note that the increase in the 
Elysée quarter is as high as the average in the quarters of high birth 
rate.)Variation of the total population and birth and death rates in the h 5-6 
United Kingdom and the German Empire. (Note that the fall in the 
death rate corresponds fairly closely to that in the birth rate.) 
Id. for France. (Note that the population is still increasing H7 
although slowly.) 
Eirth and death rates for France since 1781. (Note that jjg 
the rate of increase of population in 1781 was no higher with a birth 
rate of 39 per 1,000 than in 1901-6 with a birth rate of only 21 per 
1,000. A fall of 17.8 per 1,000 in the birth rate has resulted m a 
fall of 17.5 per 1,000 in the death rate.) 
Birth and death rates and infantile mortality for England and 9 
Wales. Also marriage rate, fertility of married women, illegitimacy 
and variation of diseases. (Note that the illegitimate birth rate has 
fallen to half since the fall of the birth rate set in.) 
Birth and death rates and infantile mortality in the Netherlands jq 
(Notice the rapid increase of population as the death rate falls, and 
the great fall of infantile mortality, probably due to the practical work 
of the Dutch Neo-Malthusian League among the poor,) 
Protestant Countries. (Notice the correspondence between the jj n-13 
birth and death rates and infantile mortality in all.) 
Roman Catholic Countries. (Note that the fall of the birth rate has H 14.15 
taken place almost equally with that in the Protestant Countries, and 
with the same result.) 
The only four countries in which the birth rate is approximately 17.20 
stationary. (Notice that the death rate has not fallen—except, 
perhaps in Russia—and that the infantile mortality has not fallen. 
Also that the highest birth rate produces the highest death rate and 
infantile mortality, and the lowest birth rate the lowest mortality.) 
The only four countries with rising birth rates. The death rate TT 
. , H 21-24 
and the infantile mortality have increased in every one.

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