Full text: Problems in eugenics

6oExhibit I—K i 
Exhibits lent by Mr. and Mrs. W. C. D. Whetham. 
1. Pedigree showing the descent of Administrative Ability. 
2. Wollaston Pedigree, showing the descent of Scientific Ability. 
3. Pedigree showing the Mendelian descent of Eye-colour in 
By Geo. P. Mudge. 
The form of a nose doubtless depends upon many factors. But 
chief among them we may suppose are the length, breadth, and 
angle of inclination of the nasal bones; the form, length, breadth, 
and thickness of the nasal septum, and the degree of development 
of the turbinal bones. The segregation and persistence in families 
of a definite type of nose-form is a subject well worth further study. 
The inheritance of this character from the Mendelian standpoint has 
not yet been adequately studied. But as with eye-colour, so with 
nose-form, we desire to know not only how alternative characters are 
inherited among individuals of the same race, but how they are 
transmitted among the offspring of mixed races. 
I am able in the photograph exhibited to show what appears 
to be an undoubted transmission of a very prominent form of nose 
from a grandmother to a grandson. The grandmother (on the right 
of the photograph, who is now over 80 years of age) was the wife 
of a gipsy and she herself came of gipsy stock. She and her 
husband eventually settled in a small village in the West of 
England. They had six children, namely, two sons and four 
daughters. Of the two sons, one was fair in complexion and had 
the “ wild ways and habits of the gipsy.” The other was dark in 
complexion and married an English countrywoman of the district 
in which his parents had settled. She was of fair complexion. 
They are shown, as husband and wife, in the left-hand corner of the 
central photograph. They have had four children, namely, three girls 
(shown in the centre of the photograph) and one son (shown standing 
by the right of his gipsy grandmother in the right corner of the 
photograph). The gipsy grandmother has a very prominent type of nose. It 
is characterised by three chief features : First, the broad base on

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