Full text: Problems in eugenics

Exhibit L 4—M 2.69 
dead, none died before 54, and two of them lived to 78 and 83 
respectively. Both sexes affected and either sex may transmit. No 
ether eye disease and no prevalent constitutional diseases or de­ 
generacies in the cataractous stock. 
Many similar pedigrees are known. 
Key.i and ? male and female with cataract. 
Otherwise as for I, 1. 
Exhibited by Professor R. C. Punnett, F.R.S. 
Mendelian Inheritance in Rabbits. 
Yellow Himalayan 
Dutch X (Black) 
Fx Agouti 
(reversion to wild colour). 
Agouti Black Yellow Tortoise Himalayan 
Ratio. 27 9 9 3 16 
Factors concerned :— 
A. the factor for agouti which turns a black into an agouti, or a 
tortoise into a yellow. 
E. the factor for extension of pigment which when present turns a 
yellow into an agouti, or a tortoise into a black. 
S. the factor for self colour which turns a Himalayan into a self 
coloured animal. 
All the rabbits in this experiment contain the factor for black (B). 
The Himalayan pattern can occur in all four colour classes. Thus 
the agouti Himalayan has lighter points than the black Himalayan, 
(c f. 2 specimens shown.) 
Experiments to demonstrate that black rabbits may be of different 
constitution genetically. 
Factors concerned in these experiments are :— 
A. the agouti factor. 
E. the factor for extension of pigment. 
D. a factor for density of pigmentation.MM 1. 
M 2.

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