Full text: Problems in eugenics

Exhibit O P Qi.75 
Exhibited by the Eugenics Education Society. O 
O i Mendelism. 
Theoretical Example of Mendelian Inheritance in Peas. (After O la 
Thomson.) Theoretical Example of Mendelian Inheritance in Peas. (After O lb 
Laurie.) Theoretical Example of Mendelian Inheritance, with Dominance* o lc 
in Mice. (After Laurie.) 
Illustration of the Theory of Gametic Parity in Mendelian Heredity o Id 
in Mice. (After Laurie.) 
Example of Mendelian Inheritance, without Dominance, in Blue q le 
Andalusian Fowls. (After Laurie.) 
Illustration of the Theory of Gametic Purity in Mendelian o If 
Heredity, in Blue Andalusian Fowls. (After Laurie.) 
Standard Scheme of Descent. (After Galton ) o 2 
Comparison of Mr. Booth’s Classification of All London with O 3 
the Normal Classes. (After Galton.) 
Descent of Qualities in a Population. (After Galton.) o 4 
Inheritance of Ability, as exemplified in the Darwin, Galton, o 5 
and Wedgwood Families. (After Whetham and Marshall.) 
Exhibited by the American Breeders’ Association—-Eugenics P 
C. B. Davenport, Esq. 
Charts of Statistics of Defectives. 1* 1-16 
Charts of Classification of Defectives. 
Charts of Principles of Heredity. 
Pedigrees collected by field-workers in America. 
Exhibited by Cyril Burt, Esq. q 
Description of Diagrams illustrating the use of experimental Tests 
of Mental Capacities. 
i. “Experimental Tests of General Intelligence.” 
A List of twelve tests applied to two schools at Oxford. The first ^ 1 
two columns of figures indicate the “reliability” or self-consist­ 
ency of the tests as compared with that of examinations and master’s 
general impression. The second two columns give the correlations of the 
results of the tests with the children’s “general intelligence.” It will be

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