Full text: Problems in eugenics

76Exhibit Qi—Ri. 
seen that several of the tests of higher mental processes are as reliable 
as the scholastic tests at present in vogue, and that they correlate quite 
as highly with intelligence. Further experiments show that while 
examinations and master’s estimates measure knowledge and skill 
acquired by memory and training, the tests seems to provide measure­ 
ments rather of innate capacities ; and that children of superior 
parentage (e.g. the preparatory school boys) are themselves superior at 
tests, which show an appreciable positive correlation with intelligence 
(i.e. all except tests of touch and weight). The tests thus provide an 
experimental demonstration of the inheritance of mental ability and a 
means of measuring the same. (References :—Burt, Experimental 
Tests of General Intelligence, British Journal of Psychology, Vol. III., 
Pts. i and 2.) Burt, Inheritance of Mental Characteristics, Eugenics 
Review, 1912, July. 
2. Sex-differences in mental tests. 
A list of experimental tests applied to children of both sexes with 
a view to measuring their innate capacities for performing mental pro­ 
cesses of different levels of complexity. The amount of divergence 
between the sexes, is indicated by the column in red. It will be seen 
that the sex-differences become smaller, the higher the level tested. 
There is some evidence to show that these differences are the result of 
inheritence and are not the result of difference of tradition or environ­ 
ment. .(References : Burt and Moore, the Mental Differences between 
the sexes. Journal of Experimental Pedagogy, 1912, June. Burt, 
Inheritance of Mental Characteristics, Eugenics Review, 1912, July.) 
Exhibit by Dr. George Papillault. 
Four sets of questions drawn up by Dr. George Papillault, Professor 
of Sociology in the Paris School of Anthropology, with a view to noting 
and comparing the bio-social characteristics of individuals belonging to 
different groups of population. 
Set of questions adopted by the Commission of Criminology 
instituted and presided over by Mr. ------ Keeper of the Seals ; Vice- 
presidents, Messrs. Léon Bourgeois, senator, and Dr. Dron, Vice- 
president of the Chamber of Deputies and Reporter to the Commission ; 
Scientific Secretary, Dr. G.SBsp^Sult. 
This set of questions comprises : 
1 st. An individual criminological chart for the purpose of showing 
271 biological and social characteristics of the prisoners. 
2nd. Family Charts for each of the ancestors, descendants or 
collateral relatives of the prisoner and more particularly intended to 
note hereditary characteristics.

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