Volltext: Problems in eugenics

Exhibit R 2—S 477 
These Charts have been issued with a view to a methodical 
enquiry on the criminal, under the direction of the Scientific and 
Criminological Department. 
Set of questions of the French Lay Mission, designed to note the R 2 
characteristics of the young natives and of their relatives in the French 
Colonies. The teachers will have to return them filled up with the 
greatest care to the Lay Mission, where Dr. Papillault, before their 
departure, delivered a series of lectures to teach them how to proceed. 
Questions on the half-breeds, adopted by the Paris Society of K 3 
Anthropology, and designed to show the bio-social characteristics of the 
half-breeds proceeding from cross-breeding between different races. 
Questions asked by the General Psychological Institute for the R 4 
purpose of undertaking a vast enquiry on the value taxionomic, organic, 
bio-social, and selective of the different human races which actually 
exist in the French Colonies, and particularly in North Africa. 
A like spirit and method governs these four sets of questions; to 
discard the verbalism which obstructs and imperils Sociology; to study 
characteristics precise, objective, easily controllable and comparable, and 
likely consequently to form statistics, which alone are capable of 
revealing characteristics of groups; to establish the correlations which 
these characteristics may present among themselves, and to arrive at last 
at the discovery of positive sociological laws. 
Exhibited by Frederick Adams Woods, M.D. S 
Thirteen photographic copies of authentic portraits of distin­ 
guished historical personages of the sixteenth century, showing that the 
boney framework of the face, especially about the nose and eyes, 
was not commonlj the same as it is to-day. 
These are samples of a much larger collection. 
Charles VII., XV Century, eye-brows very high above the eyes. S t 
Mary of Lorraine, Queen of Januas Scotland (National Portrait S 2 
Gallery). Eyes far apart, and eye-brows high. 
Francis I. of France, French School, XVI. Century. (Louvre.) s 3 
Eyes small, upper eye-lids peculiar, and typ'cal of the period. 
Louse de Rieux Marquise d’Elboef, XVI. Century. (Louvre.) S 4 
Naso-orbital region typical, eyes small far apart, upper part of the nose 
broad and flat, upper eye-lids long (vertical distance between eye and 
eye brow considerable.)


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