Full text: Problems in eugenics

D. F. Weeks.Biology and Eugenics.6 9 
Fig. 7.—This chart illustrates a history of many defectives, whose 
children have added to the community’s burden. The principal mating 
is that of an epileptic woman, descendant of an epileptic mother and a 
feeble-minded father, who were first cousins, married to a feeble-minded 
man, one of whose brothers was epileptic and one migranous. They had 
eight children, one died before two years of age, all of the others (seven) 
were epileptic. The five now living are being cared for at the New Jersey 
State Village for Epileptics. Two of the girls had illegitimate children 
before they came under the care of the proper authorities. The mother 
of this family was one of seven children, two of whom died in infancy. 
Of the other five, three were epileptic and two feeble-minded, the two 
sisters had only defective offspring. E, epileptic; F, feeble-minded; I, 
insane; N, normal; C, criminalistic; A, alcoholic; T, tubercular; M, 
migrainous; Sx, sexually immoral; d, died; b, born; inf, infancy. 
These matings of the type nulliplex by nulliplex seem to justify the 
expectation that all children from these unions will lack the determiner for 
normality. In five fraternities where one parent is insane and the other epileptic or 
feeble-minded, there were 29 conceptions. Five died before 14 years of 
age, two unknown. Of the 22 available for study 2 are epileptic, 4 
feeble-minded, one insane, 8 tainted, and 7 seemingly normal. These 
latter came from two fraternities, where in one case the father’s insanity 
seemed to be traumatic and in the other alcoholic. (Table la.) 
Nulliplex x Simplex. 
Under this classification we have grouped separately those fraternities 
in which one parent was alcoholic. 
In the consideration of the fraternities where one of the parents is 
epileptic or feeble-minded, and the other alcoholic, we have classed as 
alcoholic all of those parents who are habitually hard drinkers, or who go 
on frequent sprees. 
Fig. 8.—The principal mating in this chart is of an alcoholic man to 
a feeble-minded woman, whose brother and sister are feeble-minded. All 
of their children are defective, two epileptics and four feeble-minded. The 
epileptic girl who is not under state care is a masturbator and has shown 
some criminalistic tendencies. All of the children are dependent on 
relatives for support. E, epileptic; F, feeble-minded; T, tubercular; 
A, alcoholic.

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