Full text: Problems in eugenics

70Section I.D. F. Weeks. 
1° 35 fraternities there were 226 conceptions. Twenty-one are yet too 
young to be classified, 79 died before 14 years of age (which is 35%, a high 
death rate). Of the 126 remaining, 39 are epileptic, 38 feeble-minded, and 
28 show some other taint (one insane, three migrainous, 16 neurotic, 
5 alcoholic, and 3 sexually immoral), with only 21 apparently normal. 
(Table II.) (Figs. 8, 9, 10, ix; see page 69 for Fig. 8.) 
Fig. 9.—This chart shows an epileptic woman, descended from an 
epileptic mother and married to an alcoholic syphilitic man, whose mother was 
insane. Their first child was epileptic, the next two neurotic, the fourth 
died in infancy, and following these were thirteen miscarriages. On this 
same chart are two normal women married to normal men, whose children 
were all normal. E, epileptic; I, insane; A, alcoholic; N, normal; S, 
syphilitic; Sx, sexually immoral; Ne, neurotic; T, tubercular; d, died; 
b, born; inf, infancy.Case 2086. 
Fig. 10.—The epileptic mother of the principal fraternity, is a most 
repulsive unchaste woman. She is content to live in filth and stand the 
abuse of the drunken man with whom she lives, providing she has what 
whiskey she wants. The four children which she had by her drunken 
syphilitic husband were all defective. One died at nine years of age, one 
is feeble-minded, one is epileptic, one, a girl, is syphilitic. She is also 
the mother of an illegitimate child by her husband’s nephew. In her 
family are two feeble-minded brothers, one brother a drunkard, and a 
sister who committed suicide. E, epileptic; F, feeble-minded; S, 
syphilitic; A, alcoholic; T, tubercular;

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