Full text: Problems in eugenics

72Section I.D. F. Weeks. 
six are unclassified, leaving 14 of whom something definite is known. Of 
these, 7 were epileptic, 3 feeble-minded, 2 neurotic, and 2 apparently 
normal. (See page 82, Table I la.) 
In considering the fraternities in which one of the parents is either 
epileptic or feeble-minded, and the other tainted, we have classified as 
“ tainted ” the migrainous, neurotic, and those who are mentally weak. 
There were 25 fraternities with 161 conceptions. Sixty died before 14 
years of age, 24 are too young for classification, leaving 77 for study. Of 
these, 27, or 35%, are epileptic; 9, or 11%, feeble-minded; 24 show some 
slight nervous or mental weakness, and 17 normal. (See page 83, Table 
III.) (Figs. 12, 13.)Case 5016. 
Fig. 13. This chart illustrates the union of a feeble-minded alcoholic 
man (the history of whose ancestors is unknown), and a migrainous woman 
whose three brothers and sisters were also migrainous), resulting in three 
children, two of whom are epileptic and one migrainous. A second marriage 
of this migrainous woman to an apparently normal man, resulted in seven 
conceptions. One died in infancy, one paralytic, one feeble-minded and 
four miscarriages. E, epileptic; F, feeble-minded; M, migrainous; A, 
alcoholic; P, paralytic; N, normal; T, tubercular; b, born; d, died. 
In these matings we should expect 50% nulliplex and 50% simplex. We 
obtained 47% mentally defective and 53% apparently normal, or showing 
some slight weakness, which is a very close fitting to the expectation. The 
discrepancy may be accounted for by the possible classification as simplex 
of individuals who are in reality nulliplex. 
In six matings of an insane parent with a “ tainted ” one, there were 45 
conceptions; 10 died in infancy. 9 are unclassified. Of the 26 others, 9 
were epileptic, none feeble-minded, 8 tainted, with 9 apparently normal. 
(See page 83, Table Ilia.)Nulliplex x Normal. 
Under this classification we have tried to place the fraternities of which 
one parent was epileptic or feeble-minded, and the other reported normal. 
In 38 fraternities with 223 conceptions; 62 died in infancy, 36 are too 
young for classification. Of the 125 others 39, or 32%, are epileptics; 14,

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